Japanese man pats woman skirt bottom to lie 5 hours since before dawn secretly in sewer

According to Japan ” produce classics news ” will report on November 9, police of county of Japanese arms libra

ry arrests a man of 28 years old 9 days, this man is suspected of facing upward to lie in sewer, through reseau shape well the lid peeps woman skirt bottom. After be arrested, the man is admitted to guilty fact.

The report says, this year on August 16 in th河北廊坊木模板厂家e morning, the man is in Kobe city east o权明木业有限公司ne place makes an appointment with beach area greatly l附近的模板市场在哪里i建筑模板价钱e down faces upward to peep in 60高档建筑模板产业发展AO centimeters sewer bottom of transient female skirt. Police introduction, this man is in that day before dawn 3 w建筑工地用的模板EFhen begi

n, slip into sewer to amount to 5 hou清水模板尺寸规格rs, taking a mobile phone to wait to take a chance secretly.

Outdated of road of a woman discovers to the hair appears on sewer well lid, be opposite with the man after edge of young scrutiny foot inspect, report to the pol

ice then. The pol山东顺达木业有限公司ice discov楼鑫建筑模板厂ers memory of man mobile phone has the picture that takes heart of many female skirt secretly and video.

It is reported, this man建筑组合模板BO fact is habitual offender, was arrested because of same suspicion in June 2013, he says to the police at that time: If can renascence, I want to become a way.

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