Crash of Na Sudan transport or send doubt of reason of 41 dead accidents to take off to be not worth highly

An U.N. transport that carries passenger and goods and materials is 4 days morning near airport of Zhu Ba of Na Sudan capital crash. Current, the dead number view that each origin creates to the accident is differ, but much home media says, the accident causes death of more than 41 people. Those who make a person gratified is, there is survival of 3 p贵港建筑模板公司eople miracle on machine, include a baby that resents one year old.

Prang reason may be takeoff height inadequacy, additionally the personage inside course of study guesses the likelihood is overload or mechanical failure.

Take off the hundreds crash after rice

Ateniweikeateni accepts secretary of news of Na Sudan’s president network of news of American cabl

e television (CNN) when interviewing, say, the Andongnuofu that crash type makes for Russia – 12 model conveyor, 18 people hold on accident opportunity, include 12 Na Sudan’s passenger and 6 aircrew personnel, aircrew is comprised by 5 American and a Russian.

According to Ateni’s view, this transport plans the Lu Ji of handkerchief of oil place of production of city of flying upgrade Nero originally, but after from Zhu Ba the International Airport takes off, be in with respect to crash before long the bank of white Nile, airframe fragment scatters all around, can the large part such as ma建筑用铝模板多少钱ke out empennage. Report of broadcasting station of an U.N. place says, crashing place is apart from airport runway to have 800 meters only.

An associated press reporter that hurries to the spot says, he saw the remains of female and child, there is a house owned by a citizen all round accident place, the sandal that the parcel becomes it is thus clear that inside crashing debris, cigarette, beer and biscuit scat

ter meantime.

In Na Sud建筑模板一般多少钱an, this kind of transport often also is used to carriage passenger. In addition, safe personnel often also lets domestic member seize the opportunity to travel together.

On machine 3 people survive by good luck

Baxieryaxin witnessed local dweller when the accident momently, he says to see plane government area flies at that time, be about to drop into market soon, dan Fei clerk o

perates apparently the plane changed line. Another eyewitness installs Jieluokanyi to say, a child that resents one year old and an old old woman by rescue from inside debris.

Be near Zhu Ba International Airport the Zhang Pin装配式建筑模板BWg of manager of department of project of Z临沂百汇木业有限公司销售hu Ba airport of company of Chinese harbour engineering of construction tells Xinhua News Agency the reporter, the local wo江苏模板批发rker of construction 9 when the left and right s简易施工方案模板AMides hears airport southeast direction to transmit tremendous detonation, subsequently black smoke rises. Eyewitness says the likelihood has 2 to arrive 4 survival.

When Ateni accepts Reuter to interview, say, crashing place is having a fisherman to work at that time, still do not understand the casualty situation of ground personnel at present. A local police officer that does not wish to disclose a full name says, he sees in the spot at least 41 people die, say the number may increase. Another eyewitness tells Reuter the reporter, he saw 41 remains in the spot.

Current, official of Sudan transportation department has arrived at trouble spot organization to come to help south, state the orgnaization cooperates the U.N. such as governmental general and group of specially appointed of the Sudan austral U.N. , utmost grabs the person that lifesaving is returned.

CNN report says, there are 3 people to survive by good luck on machine, it is two passengers and a male baby that resent one year old respectively.

In the report before, ateni says on machine there are 19 people at that time, among them 17 people die.

Overweighted? Mechanical failure?

About crashing the reason has a variety of guessing. Having person may be takeoff height inadequacy, but Ateni says the likelihood is engine trouble, an engine that he weighs to an eyewitness sees this wears conveyor falls off from airframe before crash.

Source of news of burea专业建筑模板厂家u of aviation of Russia of cite of LifeNews of Russia TV channel says, this makes the transport 1971 appear to overload, this perhaps is the reason that leads to an accident.

Normal for, this flying function is locomotive 12 people, but the number often overloads, the battalion of assist混凝土模板SEant of company of associated aviation service that in Na Sudan management aviation serves carries manager Kennigaila is accepted when interviewing, say, this is a transport only, do not apply to carry person.

Andongnuofu – 12 model conveyor is before transport of for military use of Guo Jiang of a kind of when Russia installs Dong Nuofu design department to develop 4 hair, 1956 first test-fly, began batch to produce 1958 and consign is used, to about 850 are produced in all when stop production 1973, among them civil model about 200.

Na Sudan is the newest country on the world, gained independence 2011. But since 2013, this country turns over a government to arm with governmental army conflict is ceaseless, although conflict just will sign peaceful agreement August this year each, dan Chi is couldn建筑木方模板回收’t get behindhand carry out.

(original title: Crash of Na Sudan transport or send 41 people to die)

Outspread read: Russian transport already sent 41 people to die in exposure of picture of site of Na Sudan crash transport of a Russia is in crash already sent Na Sudan near Zhu Ba International Airport 41 dead

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