Appraise army says to already began in Holmes north adopts large-scale military affairs to act

In report will occupy new network on October 15 coverage of Russia satellite network, personage of Syrian army message expresses 15 days, syrian gover

nment army begin to save north to adopt large-scale milita绿地模板ry affairs to act in Holmes.

This message personage expresses, that day 5:30, go建筑工程模板KYvernmental army begins to save north

to take l特级模板SHarge-scale action工程模板多少钱一张ED in Holmes. Place is in a village to had been recaptured more. Front case is at present sensational.

The report points out, martia

l action of Holmes is Syrian army from the 3rd since large-scale aggression at the beginning of October. Act 8 days to be saved in the Ha Ma of suddenly Mu Si Xianglin for the first time begin, army recaptured 10 many villages to predict northerly ministry Yi Deli the prov福利特木生产加工单模板AF业有限公司ince to advance 腹膜板厂家THover. The 2nd times martial a工地施工模板红ction is in suburb of Damascus the eastpart part 14 days Q找建筑织木模板AGiao Ba area begins. Capture this small如何销售建筑模板SG town can ensure Syrian capital spares trench mortar and missile assault.

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