Dude where's my car? It's in Astros center field

null null Baseball null Sometimes it's tough being a rookie in the majors. Just ask Houston's Tyler White.White's white Range Rover ended up in center field of Houston's Minute Maid Park, which is not an ideal location for the automobile. MORE: trade rumors: Five teams that will be buyersLooks like we have some #Astros shenanigans on a Saturday. Word is the car belongs to Tyler White. Rookie hazing... pic.twitter.com/rvzmjgJzBd— Angel Verdejo Jr. (@ahverdejo) June 4, 2016The main reason it's not a good spot is because baseballs are liable to land in the outfield. It's what baseballs do. And that's exactly what happened during the Astros batting practice before Saturday's game against the Athletics. As he was warmi

ng up, Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez hit the roof of White's ride. "Every day they need to put a car in center field so I can have a great BP," Gomez said to Cut4.Now, if you're wondering why his car was in the middle of a baseball field, be assured he didn't put it there. His teammates decided to engage in some rookie hazing and drove it around the field. Once they parked it, they told White he should step out to batting practice because he had some business to take care of.The prank ended up being harmless, except for the ball hitting the car.

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