RIP, Mr. Peanut.

The fictional character and face of Planters has tragically died after giving up his life to save others. The official Twitter of the Estate of Mr. Peanut confirmed the nut's death in a statement made Wednesday.

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Mr. Peanut's death is part of a Super Bowl ad campaign put together by Planters. The first ad appeared online Tuesday in a leak, but was fully released Wednesday. It shows Mr. Peanut in the Nutmobile along with actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh.

The road trip goes off course as an

animal forces Mr. Peanut to inexplicably drive off a cliff. It seems like Mr. Peanut could have simply hit the brakes, or just done a much smaller turn. Or, as much as I love animals, just run it over. There's absolutely no need to turn the wheel so dramatically that it causes your vehicle to go off a cliff.

This careless decision leads to the three of them hanging on for their lives on a tree branch. The branch begins to break, meaning someone has to jump because the three of them are too heavy to hang on together.

Even though Mr. Peanut is simply a nut, he lets go of the branch. Google tells us a peanut only weighs approximately 1 gram, which comes out to 0.00220462 pounds. So Mr. Peanut letting go doesn't really solve the crisis at hand.

Although it was a bad decision, it was a decision Mr. Peanut made and he is now dead because of it.

A statement from Planters says the storyline of this ad will continue Super Bowl Sunday as the company plans to air a funeral for the dead nut.

“It’s with heavy hearts that we confirm Mr. Peanut has passed away at 104 years old,” Samantha Hess, Planters' brand manager at Kraft Heinz, said in a statement. “He will be remembered as the legume who always brought people together for nutty adventures and a good time. We encourage fans to tune in to Mr. Peanut’s funeral during the third quarter of the Super Bowl to celebrate his life.”

Mr. Peanut was 104 years old.