The plan is to hold the NFL Draft festivities outside, but Mother Nature may have other plans. 

Nashville's weather forecast calls for rain, including potential thunderstorms, on Thursday, which could become especially prevalent during the start of the draft (8 p.m. ET), according to meteorologist Scott Unger.

The current location of the draft is a stage on First and Broadway in downtown Nashville, with a canopy covering the outdoor seating. The added element of concern is due to metal bleachers, which would make the outside venue more dangerous if there is lightning in the area.

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If rain does interfere on Thursday, the most likely plan is to move draft operations to the indoor Schermerhorn Symphony Center, which is not far from the First and Broadway site. The Tennesseean reports that in that case, fans will be let in on a first-come, first-serve basis, which could alter the typical atmosphere of the draft. 

The clock would not stop for teams, however. Each team still would have just 10 minutes to make a selection.

The good news is that rain is much less of a concern during the final six rounds on Friday and Saturday.