In the second quarter of the Saints win over the Falcons on Christmas Eve, Marshon Lattimore had the opportunity to make a play.

The ball fell to the cornerback on his backside, and he secured the still-live ball for the derrière-ception.

Lattimore's pick is pretty much the opposite version of Mark Sanchez's "butt fumble" from 2014.

In all its glory, here's the most unfortunate play of Mark Sanchez's career.

There was even a 'butt catch" from earlier in the 2017 NFL season, too, courtesy of the Panthers' Damiere Byrd. He is our referendum on one aspect of the NFL's controversial catch rule: one cheek is as good as two feet in determining a touchdown catch.

Here are some of the more memorable "butt plays" of all time:

How about Rick Mahorn putting some hip into it to shove Larry Bird to the hardwood during Game 3 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals?

In 2013, Coyotes goalkeeper Mike Smith conceded a "butt goal" in which the puck was stuck in his pants as he searched for the puck:

Minnesota guard Amir Coffey scored two points from the floor — literally— with this play in November.

Rutgers wide receiver Jero

me Washington made this insane "butt catch" that started at his ankles earlier this year.

Here's a cracking finish at the back post in a Czech Republic B-team match:

Will a "butt play" ever be made to top the butt fumble? That remains to be seen.