The bishop before national male platoon drills Zhu Jiaming dies China is discharged assist dispatch is condoled

Dec 31, 2021 上海后花园1314

The bishop before n

ational male platoon drills Zhu Jiaming dies China is discharged assist dispatch is condoled

Coach of original owner of national male platoon wishs Comrade Jia Ming, due to illness cure is invalid, die unfortunately at was in Mount Hua hospital 17:9 on Feburary 19, 2020, die at the age of is 81 years old.

China discharges assist dispatch condoles:

Bishop of male platoon of vice director of Sport Commission of former Shanghai of be shocked to know, former state drills misfortune of Comrade Zhu Jiaming dies, we feel distress to lose a worker of such outstanding volleyball elder, volleyball. Long this gallop case, chinese volleyball association is right of Comrade Zhu Jiaming die the affection that expressive deep feeling of grief grieves over, pay to the family member of Comrade Zhu Jiaming the most cordial condolatory.

The lifetime of Comrade Zhu Jiaming is the lifetime that makes arduous efforts for Chinese sports and volleyball career. He ever held the post of Shanghai sports to always be met vice-chairman, secretary of prexy of technology of Shanghai athletic sports, Party committee, the 6th, delegate of National People's Congress of 7 whole nations, committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of the 8th Shanghai, shanghai model worker, committee member of committee of trainer of international volleyball federation, practice of bishop of male platoon of chairman of committee of trainer of Asian volleyball federation and China.

Comrade Zhu Jiaming has deep love for Xiao country, heat to love people, have deep love for volleyball career; His solidarity comrade, knowledge cardinal principle, consider overall situation, care other, severe at be self restrained, not dispute individual gain and loss, obedience organizes arrangement; He has deep love for study, study assiduously, pursue volleyball major training and teaching job for a long time, devote oneself to Chinese volleyball career for a whole life, the development that moves to driving volleyball and gain ground made positive contribution.

Of Comrade Zhu Jiaming the loss that dying is Chinese volleyball bound, volleyball person won't forget him, the history of Chinese volleyball won't forget him, his friend, comrade-in-arms, student will yearn for him forever.


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