Preliminary contest of national sufficient world advocate field exposure field hardware condition the first of all

Preliminary contest of national sufficient world advocate field exposure field hardware condition the first of all

Transmitted a message from Thailand respect on Feburary 12, china is sufficient assist had been the same as Thailand sufficient assist get in touch, the hope strives for field of Yo of main body of club of Wu Lina couplet to resemble card arena (Chang Arena, call Wulina stadium again) , as Chinese team world cup preelection surpassed pair of equipment of a Maldives to select race site on March 26. Current, relevant matters concerned is awaiting the approval of Thailand respect, thailand travels and sports ministry, communal Ministry of Public Health will offer to undertake consider in the light of this.

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uence of epidemic situation, league matches of short duration exceeds to be deferred till the cows come home in new sports season. And You Heng is big, explain flower, country is installed and go up before 3 rounds when harbor attends inferior coronal league matches, couplet of the Lai that divide Qing Dynasty will be in this to Zhen Guoan on Feburary 18 on the rails, the others showing number all is gone to by delay after April. However according to former leg, group of male sufficient nation is in China to mixed 31 days on March 26 even, undertake preelection is surpassed is the same as the world cup of Maldives and Guam team respectively. This among them, the first is opposite the match of a Maldives whether undertake as scheduled, or runs contest easily, get the attention of countrywide fan fully from beginning to end.

According to China sufficient assist idea, case of one party is to should conserve for certain advocate field qualification. And on Feburary 4 inferior sufficient couplet holds urgent meeting, once put forward to regard final deadline as before every match 21 days, evaluate relevant circumstance to whether suit the match. If cannot undertake, 14 days are in with respect to need before the match, offer indifferent field program by home team. Will look from time, medium after all equestrian battle even when left on March 26 kick, be apart from nowadays 21 extremely big be restricted day (on March 5) still have many time.

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ent assist already was the same as Thailand sufficient assist obtain communicate, whether the footing in choosing equipment the match is set in Thailand to express intention, somehow for, this also is to prepare what world cup preelection surpasses 40 strong competition currently against a rainy day lift.

It is to consider Thailand team also had competition of preelection of a world cup on March 26 probably, and national stadium is opposite the Lajiamanjiala that is Bangkok of assume personal command blast Indonesian, be in China sufficient in coordination Thailand is sufficient assist in active contact, more the past distance Bangkok is not far Wu Lina government office before apt, wulina field of Yo of couplet club main body regards equipment pitch on as footing like card arena.

Actually, of field of this base Yo at base of nation of a lot of China it is very familiar. Some more advanced after all year inferior coronal league matches, big, Shun Tian, rich force, Luneng and country install such as constant ever Wu Lina of be a guest, include Pi of Hao Jun Min, Zhang Lin, Chi Zhongguo to wait for base of active service nation, there ever all had been match experience on this field.

Regard Tai Chaohao as the field of main body Yo of the door, the soft hardware condition of arena elephantine a card is the first of all. This is complete Thailand achieves international the first times sufficient couplet and inferior the professional football ground of sufficient couplet standard, can use at running the home of aleatoric level and international match, consult Qieerxi advocate field Stanford bridge is built. Threw for the first time in June 2011 at the outset after using, it is by 2013 get extend, hold court the number to expand to 32600 people by 24000 people, and total construction cost is achieved 12 million to 17 million dollar. Besides, stadium elephantine a card still deserves to have floodlight, can be in nightly have the competition. As to living broadcast of medical treatment, TV and wireless communication establishment, also belong to top configuration in Thailand.

Additional as we have learned, it is all round arena elephantine a card, also corresponding form a complete set trains establishment, accord with football team to station troops for a long time assemble for training. The training center with a not for instance large scale, set two natural careless small-sized football grounds. This year in January U23 inferior during bright and beautiful contest, once was used as chief of a tribe of couplet of Vietnam, A and Korea country the daily training field of abstruse team. Additional, in the distance arena elephantine a card counts a kilometer besides, also have a medium-sized stadium that carries bleachers, at ordinary times Wu Lina couplet also stations troops over training. Once Chinese team decides arena elephantine a card regards equipment pitch on as footing, train a condition daily to be able to get assuring at least, also need not fear with Wulina the arrangement of couplet conflicts somewhat.

And in respect of board and lodging, the elephant has two high-grade public houses all round card arena, among them meal condition is put in Wu Lina government office, also attribute excellent level. At ordinary times during peaceful exceeds league matches, wu Lina couplet also can stay in the hotel gives all round field prepare for war.

Nevertheless, jie Yutai country is sufficient assist have not affirm, male full respect must not not await China the response of Thailand travel and sports ministry, communal Ministry of Public Health. And according to China sufficient assist first thought, first selection plan or force are protected advocate run contest. Include on March 31 guest battle Guam, hold whether easily still communicating in. (Wang Xiaorui of reporter of sport weekly entire media reports)

Original title: Preliminary contest of national sufficient world advocate field or put Wu Lina place responsibility of hardware condition the first of all edits: Li Xiaoling

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