Group of abstruse preliminary contest goes Chinese women football line two Lian Shengjin class are additional contest

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Group of abstruse preliminary contest goes Chinese women football line two Lian Shengjin class are additional contest

Electric China women football was in Sydney of Xinhua News Agency 10 days on Feburary 10 in match of set of B of area of Asia of contest of preelection of women football of Tokyo Olympic Games, with 5: 0 defeat Chinese Taipei team, in greet two Lian Sheng while, shift to an earlier date one round to ensure the group gives a clue and promotion adds contest.

Of Tang Jiali's head, Wu Haiyan smoke shoot, short-hilted broadsword burst open the door of Wang Shanshan that builds result and Li Ying for two times, bef

ore helping Chinese team end in half of a game or contest with 5: 0 banner, establish get the better of bureau.

Two Lian Sheng hind, chinese li

ne runnings with be being gotten 6 minutes in B group temporarily, a of one phase add contest seat already left after the lock decides a group to surpass. The Australian fleet that amasses 3 minutes temporarily will be in 10 days to be opposite late a Thailand team. 13 days, chinese team will have this group with Australian team last argue, in order to contend for group head name.

Advocate handsome Gu Xiuquan this battle continued first 6: 442 1 hair when getting the better of Thailand team greatly blast model: Door general Peng Shimeng, captain Wu Haiyan and halfback of Lin Yuping partner, luo Guiping and both wings of guard of reed of a surname fine, mr Ma and Yao Ling Wei are comprised double hind waist, zhang Xin and Li Ying play border advance guard, sharp edge line of Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali partner.

Begin the 5th minute, the bottom below calm right way passes collect a surname in, burst open the door of head of the close quarters before Tang Jiali door. The 25th minute, chinese team gains corner kick opportunity, wu Haiyan is in before the door in battle royal, smoke energetically shoot, adapt score for 2: 0.

Only after 1 minute, wang Shanshan receives Yao Lingwei hind field is long pass, insert in right way high speed on, drive straight in, interest of short-hilted broadsword small angle shoots excommunicate.

The 30th minute, wang Shanshan receives Mr Ma horizontal stroke to pass inside forbidden zone, small angle interest is shot, build for two times result. After 4 minutes, the field before Li Ying breaks a ball, irruptive forbidden zone, short-hilted broadsword burst open the door, adapt score for 5: 0.

Second half second half paragraph, girls of Chinese women football physical ability drops somewhat. Gu Xiuquan undertakes contrapuntal substitution to left back, the fir of fir of Liu of brunt full back on the world cup changed reed of next a surname fine last year.

Subsequently, zhang Lin is colourful change Yao Lingwei, take up the post of right half back, position of the waist after Zhang Xin moves, with Ma Jun partner. End of the Song Dynasty of another aggression player replaces Li Ying then, main attack wrong way. Team of after this China still occasion takes actor, take 3 minutes finally completely.

Current preelection contest shares 7 to take part in the match team. A group includes Korea, Burmese with Vietnam women football. A, B two groups of before two renown promotion are add contest. At the appointed time, famous general of every groups of heads undertakes with another group of the 2nd renown across advocate guest field match, triumph Olympic Games of Tokyo of two teams promotion. It is at present in A group, korea team two Lian Sheng is gotten run. (Hao Yalin of reporter Yue Dongxing)

Original title: Chinese women football greets abstruse preliminary contest add contest responsibility compiles two Lian Shengjin rank: Li Xiaoling

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