5 times heat of goal of breach graceful city pricks burst open the door of Sun Xing 2

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2-0 of hot thorn of goal of 5 breach graceful city beats burst open the door of Sun Xing graceful city

Today before dawn, ying Chao battle of the 25th round of focus that perform, hot thorn advocate meet graceful city head-on. Sun Xing scores a goal again, help team 2-0 beats rival. Recently 3 matches, korea day king all has a goal, condition blast is cracked. In addition, sun Xing already type of 5 breach melon the goal of graceful city, can calls melon handsome killer, diaola sees melon he headaches.

First half, graceful city holds a dominant position, but miss excommunicate good opportunity for many times, akuiluo hits pillar, beijing installs bit of ball to be attacked more. The second half the 60th minute, division of ferry musical instrument two yellow change one red be punished to fall, this makes match turning point. The 63rd minute, after heat pricks lukewarm bosom of Er of new aid shellfish to stop a ball, be high up in the air is smoked shoot excommunicate, 1-0. The 71st minute, endongbeilai is wonderful secondary attack, sun Xing is low shoot procurable, 2-0. Final, hot thorn advocate beat graceful city, rise to integral a list of names posted up the 5th, differ 4 minutes only from the Qieerxi of the 4th. And graceful city is backward Liverpudlian 22 minutes, rank the 2nd.

This field match, grandson promote head hair to come on the stage. In tactical system of Mu Shuai, sun Xing holds the position of outside right, but the position is relatively free. The 60th minute, division of ferry musical instrument two yellow change one red be punished to fall, graceful city lays one person less. The 63rd minute, heat pricks Wen Shouxiu of Er of new aid shellfish to score a goal, wh

at Muliniao's team obtains 1-0 is banner. The hope heating up thorn that has number advantage kills the match as soon as possible, and be being hit into the 2nd ball is the mainest task.

The 71st minute, sun Xing pricks give the decisive word for h

eat. Just advanced field wrong way takes the Endongbeilai that the reserve comes on the stage ball, he is a breakthrough stops urgently first, send beautiful straight stuff the ball next, found the Sun Xing on large reserve margin. Back of Sun Xing receives a ball personally, back-to-back move is a beautiful face about, defend 2 the player is swung in back, transverse belt ball, defend in the 3rd before be being grabbed on the player, explode shoot, the ball is hit on Wo Keshen to refract a net, heat pricks 2-0, this score also held end of end of a show.

Last year on December 22, sun Xing fouls because of ill will be punished to fall by red shop sign, halt competition 3. On January 5, lift a ban of Sun Xing reappears. After this is successive 4 matches, he fails to score a goal. Nevertheless, he sought status very quickly. On January 22, ying Chao the 24th round, head of Sun Xing is killed absolutely, the 2-1 that heat up thorn wins a ball, mu Shuai ended league matches 5 rounds deeply awkward. On January 25, sufficient total cup, sun Xing scores a goal again, battle of the 1-1 that heat up thorn makes the same score Na Anpu honest. Now, impetus of goal of continuance of Sun Xing , successive he of 3 matches burst open the door is not blocked at all.

This sports season, sun Xing each match comes on the stage 30 times, hit into 13 balls (league matches 7 balls) , secondary attack 8, make 21 balls directly. In Harry - during Kane is raised, sun Xing carries the aggression big banner that removed hot thorn again, do like the sports season on him in that way. This match now, heat pricks full-court altogether shoot 3 times, and one person contributed Sun Xing 2 times. This battle, sun Xing hits a ball 42 times in all, the success that pass a ball is led 72% , 2 times successful length passes a ball, win next confrontation 10 times, 3 intercept.

Melon type the BUG that graceful city is Ying Chao competition ground all the time, dan Sunxing kicks them to be gotten very purposely however. According to statistic, sun Xing is opposite a melon type graceful city already excommunicate 5, be next to Waerdi (6 balls) . In addition, this today's match also is the 150th Ying Chao of individual of Sun Xing , he advanced 49 balls during this.

Sun Xing states he still can behave weller after contest: I still need to raise my, what what show now is not me is all. Compared with enjoy now, I am willing to look ahead more. This match has very great help to our self-confident heart, the player after contest and fan people very happy.

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