C collect conquers You Wen spends a year of half time only team history is optimal exceed Puladini

C collect conquers You Wen spends a year of half time only team history is optimal exceed Puladini

Meaning the team of a rich and powerful family that Jiahaomenyouwentusi is Italian home, and top class rich and powerful family is belonged to in whole Europe. This team has on the history had appeared a lot of top class giant stars, the star such as Puladini, Qidanei, Neideweide is more golden ball award was won during You Wen kickball. Recently, " Milanese sports signs up for " undertook the fan of the greatest player inside You Wen team polls, those who make a person accident is, c collect joins in the player of a half sports season got the zebra however this only the 2nd high support rate.

C collect in the summer last year the social status of 100 million euro joined in You Wen, he also is zebra army S

hi Zuiang brings hold expensively. Join in after Youwentusi, the play of C collect is stabler, last sports season care about armour to infiltrate 21 score a goal, armour of before this sports season 20 rounds of meaning infiltrates 16 score a goal, armour of recent 7 rounds of meaning, c Luo Lianxu notchs.

Although efficiency of C collect aggression is pretty good, but come to You Wen hind and did not get Ou Guan such champion is honorary, because this comes from contribution,say, join in one year the C collect of half is opposite Youwen the contribution of team is not large, with You Wen on team history other difference of player of great mind class is not little.

But nevertheless, c Luo Que is being depended on as before exceeded strong person energy of life to conquer You Wen's fan. In " Milanese sports signs up for " the Shi Zuiwei of You Wen team that undertake is big in the elect by ballot of the pl

ayer, c collect got the support of 19.3% , rank 2, be next to the Piyeluo that achieves 30.2% support rate.

Piyeluo joined in 1993 You Wen, left You Wen 2012, zebra army stayed 19 sports season, he also is You Wen team history comes on the stage showing number is maximum and infiltrate the player with most goal. He obtains first position not to make a person accident.

Puladini is in You Wen kickball 6 sports season, here he wins golden ball, won Ou Guan, also be You Wen the name on team history is old, but in fan eye, he is only the 3rd welcome, the support of 18.9% is led under C collect. Ba Qiao is one of the greatest stars on Italian history, and Qidanei has obtained golden ball in You Wen, two people part with 12.1% and the supportive rate of 11.3% ranks 45.

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