Heavy elder brother gets hurt achieve sports season to notch new low be opposite sacrum throwing an injury retreats a Nikesi contest

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Heavy elder brother gets hurt achieve sports season to notch new low be opposite sacrum throwing an injury retreats a Nikesi contest

Beijing time on January 8, lake person is in advocate Ni Kesi of field 117-87 conquer. Anthony - Davis 8 cast 2 in take 6 bank 5 secondary attack, notching is sports season lowest, and he throws sacrum in the 3rd end, quit game ahead of schedule.

Latter position has Davis quite rise and fall, chopping below 46 cent hind with the rate in 7 order already issued, enter the court to the piston he hits the target rate drop 4 into. Of course, how is the lake person that he is in than doing not have him strong.

The match opens bureau both sides to hit the target today rate do not calculate tall, davis hit most section to buckle basket to notch once only, pull open jump cast continue forge iron. After waiting for Le Bulang end, davis was obtained so that extension meets however below basket of section end concussion, still perform cruel buckle, final he first 4 cast 2 in take 3 bank 2 grab 2 lids cap.

The 2nd Lebulang took lake person to hit quick attack to strike back rhythm pulls open score, after Davis is returned to, also continued strong, the Glyn that ball of cent of 5 minutes of 35 seconds gives weak side is cast dry unplug. Although he the 2nd did not get one minute, but lake person is only part surpasses rival 12 minutes completely.

Davis of the second half still did not open a phase in forbidden zone, 3 minutes of skill of 8 minutes of 43 seconds also were not entered. The advantage of lake person is not safe, but fortunately Ni Kesi aggression also won'ts do climate, both sides returned first dumb fire rhythm again it se

ems that. 5 minutes of 43 seconds, buladeli hits Davis secondary attack to jump cast, this is lake person 4 minutes many battle of the first motion in time scores a goal.

Plus hair force of Lebulang, lake person enlarges cent difference after all. But in 2 minutes of 45 seconds, davis is in try when Randal breaks through close over, trip is in the ground, break coccyx directly, so painful that he cannot rise all the time. Whole ball house is frightened, it is good that he lay an ability rises below

the help of group medical service, returned bathhouse directly. Final he hits 3 or take only.

After had reflected X light, the result is electronegative be allow authority release what is held is angry, nevertheless Davis still feels ache, lake person also announces his sacrum contuses very quickly, won't return to again.

Original title: Heavy 5+6+5 notchs sports season is new low fall to retreat contest to frighten editor of responsibility of fan of miserable lake person: Li Xiaoling

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