North accuses actual strength of Vs Qingdao male basket to analyse old friend " black Martha battle " who wins a range big

Dec 31, 2021 上海品茶论坛

North accuses actual strength of Vs Qingdao male basket to analyse big fight of old friend a dark horse who wins a range big

Advocate beat Liaoning to let Qingdao country believe double star unexpectedly gas of male b

asket taxi and condition reached peak. Late on December 19, they will lend 3 Lian Sheng's impetus guest field challenge Beijing north accuses male basket. Compare a brave of Qingdao team near future, north accuses from sports season first up to now all the time the beautiful on condition, complete pick off before the cap of piscine Nan. At present north accuses with 11 get the better of 7 negative result to discharge in league matches the position of the 7th, can calls this sports season CBA team of the oldest a dark horse. This also is the black Martha battle of an one hundred percent definitely to, who can laugh to only the match can give out finally the answer.

Advocate field conquer Liaoning is a game that this sports season plays Qingdao team most outstandingly up to now. Adam this of last hour kill enough to be record in team history absolutely. After contest, advocate handsome Wu Qinglong praised team member people expression, think Adam this the effect that had team leader. But guidance also points

out, qingdao team needs promotion and improvement place to still have a lot of. He is special pointed out of rebound respect be short of regret, be opposite in the match of a Liaoning, qingdao team is on bank number with 45:56 backward adversary. This also is team is leaving the bureau is banner Liaoning, what be turned over to exceed within an inch of to lose a ball by adversary among is crucial.

Qingdao team greets league matches after conquer Liaoning 3 Lian Sheng, and 3 adversary of get victory are Shenzhen, Shanxi and Liaoning respectively. The containing that can say this Lian Sheng Troy is dye-in-the-wood, also let team fluctuation confidence soar. Hit Liaoning to lie between a day namely on December 18, qingdao team starts drive toward Beijing. 19 days of evening, they will challenge north to accuse male basket in guest field. On adversary annulus guest field beats Shanghai male basket to be greeted 4 Lian Sheng. Same, this Lian Sheng that north accuses also is to contain Troy dye-in-the-wood, include among them advocate defeat team of Guangdong of 9 coronals king. Want to know, this sports season lost Guangdong line only up to now two balls, among them one is defeated to accuse at hand in north namely.

North accuses at present with 11 get the better of 7 negative platoon is in league matches the position of the 7th. After the ferula that in the in control of in Ma Bu this supports team, team produces the change of thoroughly remould oneself. The new aid such as the Sun Yue that introduces before sports season, princely luck, Sun Tong forest blends in team already successfully, not case, Thompson, Sang Ni 3 foreign aids were to offer team very good help more. At present north accuses to hitting the be particular about on the law to attack and defence evenly, compete in the player that individually locally 3 two levels comparative, this bit of as unusual as Qingdao male basket appearance resembles. The core on the field that north accuses a group is foreign aids full back nots case, the Adam of little outside help of his characteristic and Qingdao team this not quite identical, although notch,explosive force does not have Adam Si Jiang, the rhythm feeling of Dan Fu case and overall situation view more get the better of one prepare. This match, he and Adam this who can come out play of whose characteristic incisively and vividly, the team that who is in can laugh probably finally.

North accuses blast in the old friend that has many Qingdao groups. A favour that sports season still makes main force in Qingdao on and turn in the summer loftily can arrive north accuses, just two people did not gain opportunity of too much expression in new team. In addition, buddhist nun of Palestine forward mulberry is the earliest namely from Qingdao team name, had become a very mature player nowadays, he also is the player that Qingdao team needs to be on guard mainly. (peninsula reporter Du Jincheng)

Original title: Rash intermediary: Mabuli lets north accuse Qingdao of thoroughly remould oneself to want to take strict precautions against old friend responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling

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