Chinese country abstruse 3

Dec 31, 2021 上海娱乐地图


u of U22 of abstruse 3-0 Ma Li surpasses Chinese country burst open the door of Bin of Zhang Yuning Chen Bin

Beijing time 19: 35, the gang life of 2019 China tounament of international of abstruse cup Zhuhai the 3rd round of proceed, chinese U22 team is opposite a Ma Li U22. First half fish dive of secondary attack Zhang Yuning develops Dilimuladi the top notchs break deadlock, chen Bin Bin is subsequently remote door of fan the air is procurable; Sword of Zhao of the second half is not head to cause give sb a present of adversary Wu Long, subsequently Bin of captain Chen Bin gets hurt end, final China U22 the score conquer adversary with 3-0, 3 matches are obtained 2 get the better of 1 negative military successes.

Goal information:

The first ball: The 24th minute, chinese U22: Dilimuladi secondary attack, burst open the door of Zhang Y

uning head;

The 2nd ball: The 42nd minute, chinese U22: Duan Liuyu secondary attack, burst open the door of Chen Bin Bin;

The 3rd ball: The 62nd minute, chinese U22: Zhao Jian is not head to cause adversary black dragon;

Original title: Shikoku surpasses - the other side breaks miscarriage ceremony 2 times responsibility of abstruse 3-0 Ma Li edits country of Zhang Yuning burst open the door: Li Xiaoling

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