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Move everyday 35-45 minute the risk that contracts depressed disease is reduced greatly

Newest research discovers, often have the person of the body activity of ran and so on, the risk that contracts depressed disease can be reduced 20% the left and right sides. Expert proposal moves everyday 35-45 minute, very advantageous to the mental health of people.

This research is published in " depressed with angst " magazine. Researcher is used to the observation that had two years and analysis through getting the way of life of the person that measure to nearly 8000, include the correlation between their body activity and depressed disease, the gene risk that returns they and pair of depressed disease correlation at the same time undertakes assessment.

Result discovery, the observation in two years period inside, the risk that the person that often has body activity is diagnosed to be depressed disease is lower than someone else about 20% . In sufferring the person that measure, motion measures least person, 30-60 of weekly campaign time minute, the risk that contracts d

epressed disease is highest. And weekly campaign time reachs 3 hours, average perhaps everyday 35-45 minute person, the risk that contracts depressed disease is reduced greatly. And, carry momentum is bigger, the risk is lower.

The body activity that indicates here includes high strenth and low intensity campaign, for instance ran, the motion having oxygen of other form, force training, dancing, gem gal, drawing.

Center of medicine of group of gene of total hospital of province of this person that study dominant, hemp is psycho with nerve development genetics group Dr. Karmel Choi expresses: Our discovery makes clear, to depressed disease, gene is not conclusive, body activity can offset gene place is brought have depressed disease risk.

Why to carry kinetic energy reduces the risk that contracts depressed disease? Explanation of Dr. Karmel Choi says, body activity can bring a lot of profit for people, include cerebrum health and spirit to adjust, reduce the inflammation inside body, increase active hormonal exudation is measured, for instance inside Fei peptide and much cling to amine, still can improve Morpheus quality.

Original title: Undertake the motion such as ran suffers from depressed disease risk to fall 3 hours every week 20% responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling

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