Mabuli walks along wrong bathhouse Beijing of conquer of Beijing head steel accuses an old horse to point out team problem

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Mabuli walks along wrong bathhouse Beijing of conquer of Beijing head steel accuses an old horse to point out team problem

Late on November 20, beijing of conquer of Beijing head steel accuses, north accused to be defeated, north accuses coach Mabuli to answer 5 pines to walk along wrong bathhouse unexpectedly.

Last night, be in 2019 in be being surpassed the 7th round to convention of CBA of 2020 sports season, assume personal command of male basket of Beijing head steel advocate Kaidilake center (5 loose gymnasium) the challenge that welcomes Beijing of the adversary that be the same as a city to accuse a male basket. Final, head steel group depends on high quality defend and of minor details efficient strike back, with 87 than 79 beat rival, obtain this sports season capital Debidi while round wins, also harvested two Lian Sheng.

Try peaceful means before resorting to force head steel defend advocate field is honorary

Compare to this capital heart, head the formulate before steel club is surpassed the theme that greets to Beijing basketball hero, what will include Mabuli and Sun Yue to wait to had made contribution for Beijing basketball is a lot of former a steel group member once the instantaneous assemble of competition ground of go on an expedition becomes short of a paragraph of video, broadcast on the big screen of ball house.

Before the match begins, spot compere accuses a group technically for north advocate handsome Mabuli and Yue of team member grandson made grand introduction, welcome ground of blessing of basketball of their regain Beijing, more than 10000 fan on bleachers anounce enthusiastic applause and hurrah to them.

On the history, head steel and north accuse two teams to share fight hand to hand 10 times, the team obtains a steel that actual strength takes actor 7 get the better of 3 negative military successes, and 3 victories that north accuses a group all are in oneself advocate obtain. Sports season convention surpasses fight hand to hand 2 times on, both

sides is in severally advocate field get victory. This two teams encounter once more, north accuses a group is not to go up already sports season ranks reciprocal first piscine Nan. Before 6 rounds, they are mixed the team obtains a steel euqally 5 get the better of 1 negative military successes, expect from 5 the pine takes away a victory.

After begin, of 3 minutes of balls of Wang Xiao brightness and Lin Shuhao in cast help team to obtain 8 than a bureau of 3. After this, two teams force goes all out defend, prevented two attack of the other side each other. First, head steel group with 21 than 14 banner.

Begin from the 2nd, 3 foreign aids give the north of battle to accuse a team to attack speed to promote apparently together, not case, Sang Ni and Thompson can outside internal energy, this section sends veteran grandson Yue crucial close over and 3 minutes of long shot that chase after smooth score. Head the breakthrough before steel group ends by right of Lin Shuhao first half and punish basket, loath with 34 than 30 maintain lead dominant position.

In when resting, lu Lei of yellow frequency nimble, Min, Zhang Yunsong in former days head player of steel group meritorious service, train takes present land in the center of, accept the applause of capital fan to greet together. It is constellation of Beijing basketball name probably people the blessing that serves for team is incentive the team member on field, head steel group began to make familiar group basketball and changeover attack from the 3rd. North accuses a group also not give the impression of weakness, bite score closely all the time. The 3rd ends, head steel group with 59 than 55 banner.

According to the new regulation of CBA alliance, the north that has 3 foreign aid accuses team minor details to also can go up only only foreign aid, this gave a steel group to enlarge the opportunity of lead dominant position. Fang Shuo and Liu dawn Yu Shuang accuse to defend rhythm of match of firmly in hand, hanmierdu's planted agent defends the shoot a basket that lowered north to accuse a group hits the target rate, head steel group wins out finally with 8 minutes of advantages.

Defend force old horse points out team problem

Whistle of end of a show is loud, trend player passageway stands up from banquet of visiting team reserve in Ma Bu, the fan on bleachers presents his compliment to him cheer. Although north accuses team play away the match, but Mabuli still has very tall person to enrage in 5 loose gymnasium. After contest, the old horse commented on the match, he says: This field is whole the team is defending end is done very well, we for many times disintegrate the aggression of adversary, but have a success 11 times defend fail translate into notchs, this exposes a team to change aggression link to still need to improve.

To the old horse character, no matter do player or coach, did not change from beginning to end to trium

phal longing, this also expresses the circumstance that team lags behind 10 seconds nearly 10 minutes finally now to fall, he still called halt toughly twice, decorated foul and grab the tactics that casts 3 minutes. Yes, I ask team member fights namely finally 1 second, every ball is contended for surely. We follow this sports season the team is the same as a steel group, there still are 3 heart comparing from the back, it is better that hope team member can be accomplished in retrospective match. The old horse says.

The reporter puts forward, white is the match colors of polo shirt of group of steel of home team head, and this field wears the old horse white uniform leads the race, have He Shen idea after all? The old horse is laughing at rhetorical question path: Such wearing should not by basket assist does chairman Yao Ming fine?

Head steel group bishop drills Yanisi expresses, everybody is very devoted, defend the task is finished very well. He emphasizes, the heart is the same as a city of the whole world has such nervous atmosphere and pressure than be being met, head steel group team member is done very marvellously. Adversary north accused the military successes body of the team to reveal their actual strength, special acknowledgment advocate field fan is opposite the support of a steel group.

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