Cba complete star surpasses Zhao Rui of group of star of north of southern win by a narrow margin to must obtain MVP 30 minutes

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Cba complete star surpasses Zhao Rui of group of star of north of southern win by a narrow margin to must obtain MVP 30 minutes

2020CBA stars contest rings down the curtain 12 days in Guangzhou completely, by right of Hu Mingxuan of last hour on basket is killed absolutely definitely, southern star group with 167:1Group of star of north of 66 win by a narrow margin. The Zhao Rui of Guangdong team rear guard that full-court gets 30 minutes carries off MVP title.

On January 12, player of southern star team celebrates a victory. That day, in what Guangzhou holds CBA starred completely 2020 in contest, southern star group with group of 167 more northward than 166 conquer star. Meng Yongmin of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Besides Zhao Rui, the Hu Jinqiu of southern team gets cent and 9 30 bank, deng Meng is taken, old Lin Jian contributes 19 minutes. Lin Shuhao contributed 41 highest minutes for northern fleet, have 9 backboard and 5 secondary attack additionally; Han Dejun gets cent and 11 37 bank, tao Hanlin enter an item in an account 34 minutes, di Xiaochuan gets 20 minutes.

That evening the biggest atten

tion drop should belong to 1v1 sheet to carry segment. Carry in full back sheet in, lin Shuhao and Zhao Rui entered two 3 minutes to buckle basket with severally, hit finally into 9:9Smooth. 3, 4 1v1 between, the Han Dejun of Liaoning team is opposite the Hu Jinqiu of a Zhejiang wide mansion, two people come up hit into 5:5, subsequently Hu Jinqiu hits the target 3 minutes, han Dejun is cruel buckle procurable, two people are final 8:8Break even. And suffer expectant 1v1 to perform contest fully, guangdong team advocate person of the division of Shuai Dufeng and day of team member Ceng Fan that perform is right definitely, two people attack an opportunity once each, day of final Ceng Fan is passed w

rite down cruel buckle won the contest.

In midfield skill challenge, the Chen Peidong of Shandong team beats the Wang Lan of Tsinghua university, with the 81 teams that defeat Hu Jinqiu Wang Junjie promotes finals. The latercomers surpass the formers of final Chen Peidong, three arrows wear mental efforts to overcome Wang Junjie to obtain skill challenge champion.

Link of 3 minutes of contests, the Ke Lanbai gram of Xinjiang team takes the lead in coming on the stage take, the ginger of Jilin team Wei lustre gets off 14 minutes, the old Lin Jian of Fujian team comes on stage finally pitching 18 minutes, old Lin Jian defends crown successfully finally 3 minutes ball contest champion.

In the contest that buckle basket, the Tang Hao rich of Jilin university two rounds get 74 minutes, xinjiang team foreign aids expends Er heart two rounds to get 81 minutes, yunnan glider into grand the first buckle take full marks 4 times 50 minutes with respect to ability Jing, the 2nd buckle get 45 minutes, gain the championship 95 minutes finally with total cent. (reporter Li Bo hears Zheng straight Wang Hao bright)

Original title: Zhao Rui of a minute of win by a narrow margin obtains line of south of contest of CBA complete star MVP responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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