Both sides of analysis of actual strength of Guangdong Shenzhen male basket is at war who does record data unscramble stronger

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Both sides of analysis of actual strength of Guangdong Shenzhen male basket is at war who does record data unscramble stronger

Beijing time is late on January 1, CBA convention surpasses Guangdong team the 23rd round advocate meet Shenzhen team head-on. Guangdong team still occupies first place of integral a list of names posted up at present, and maintained advocate 10 battle are gotten the better of completely. Build couplet general and Shen Zijie easily to speak directly in planted agent, this heart that be the same as a province compares battle will intense spread out.

Watch battle guideline:

Be opposite a both sides: Team of Shenzhen of Guangdong team VS

Time of fight hand to hand: On January 1 19 when 35 minutes

Than competition ground house: Center of Dongguan bank basketball

Television relay: Sports of CCTV5, Guangdong

Bilateral recent situation:

On Guangdong team annulus advocate meet Jiangsu team head-on, although cloth Lu Kesi cannot give fight because of the injury, but the Guangdong of only foreign aid still held larger dominant position, attack besides Wemyss, Yi Jianlian, Zhao Rui biting beyond, the young team member such as Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Wang Xinkai also firings again and again. Final Guangdong with Jiangsu of 129-114 beat easily, carry off 5 Lian Sheng hind are gotten as before run integral a list of names posted up.

On Shenzhen team annulus team of guest battle Zhejiang, first they entered condition to lag behind slower adversary 10 minutes, zhejiang double foreign aids sends force later, the cent difference of your both sides is pulled ceaselessly big. Yi Bian is again afterwar, bai Kesi, He Xining drives Shenzhen team to seek branch, need branch impendent to 5 minutes. Minor details both sides spreads out to attacking, score rises alternately, but Deng is killed 3 minutes unconscious absolutely or your Zhejiang laughed finally. Final Shenzhen suffers a defeat with 105-108, they are current with 10 get the better of 12 negative ranks the 12nd.

Core is right definitely:

Build couplet VS Shen Zijie easily

A match builds couplet easily to capture cent and 13 19 backboard, continue to carrying good form. Shenzhen team planted agent has Shen Zijie, Li Muhao the posterity person with ability with such very strong wallop, a couplet needs to use his experience and technical stability, suppress adversary strives for the advantage of planted agent for Guangdong team.

This sports season field all can contribute Shen Zijie 6.4 12.2 cent, backboard and 1.1 lids cap, although whole behaves comparative elder brother to build couplet easily to still have apparent difference, but he goes to not allow to ignore character in what appear in the match. The ability protecting basket that shows level Shen Zijie is more outstanding, he is defending the action that carries him play.

History of fight hand to


On two teams history in all fight hand to hand 54, guangdong team is obtained 45 get the better of 9 negative. Competition of its middling regulation is at war 32, guangdong team is taken below 25 get the better of 7 negative.

Predicting both sides sends first:

Guangdong: Hu Mingxuan, Zhao Rui, Wemyss, Ren Jun flies, Yi Jianlian

Shenzhen: Article of Li Muhao, Lu art, show consideration for and take care to preserve, Bai Kesi,

Rong Zifeng

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