6 Lian Sheng changeover get the better of lake person Howard of greeting of ox Wei heart erupts along with the team build result

Jan 1, 2022 上海GM资源推荐

6 Lian Sheng changeover get the better of lake person Howard of greeting of ox Wei heart erupts along

with the team build result

Beijing time on November 6, lake person gets the better of an ox in battle of changeover of guest field 118-112, take below 6 Lian Sheng, morale is big brace up. Davis first half 9 cast 2 in condition how terrible, but those who strap Braun is dovish with the reserve erupted to take a victory for lake person.

The Davis after contest discloses, in his condition special when struggling, le Bulang and wave general two eldest brother, still what did teammate in pelican with oneself take an examination of Xin Si encouraging him all the time, tell to he holds to even if win.

Le Bulang also says: I tell (Davis) , do not be afraid of out of order, first half is again sodden, also throw in the toilet. His the second half can be hit certainly, be in the 4th especially, in be being said by me as a result.

Davis erupts suddenly after the 4th regression, receive the Lang Chuanqiu that strap cloth to chop 7 minutes repeatedly, terminative match be concerned about.

Le Bulang takes below 3 pairs 3 times continuously, but after he is surpassed, say, if cannot win today, these records do not have any meanings.

The Kucima that takes is in into the person that it is a lake the key of the 4th changeover, he is accepting when interviewing, express: I regard the match as from beginning to end now the contest before season will hit, because just reappeared,seeking status can be a process, today's expression gave me very big encouragement.

Le Bulang also praises: Kucima can become the crucial member of our group certainly, he showed his effect today, in attack it is very important to prevent two ends.

Be immersed in prematurely foul troublesome Howard is in the 4th to also erupt along with the team, he 4 cast 3 in take below 6 minutes of 6 bank, continued efficient expression. After he is surpassed, also express, oneself are in cease contest period did a large number of ran to take exercise, enter the court nowadays hit crucial time to feel tired far from. To adjust body position, he still changed dietary structure, do rehabilitation actively after the contest before contest to nurse, these effort got get one's own back nowadays.

After contest, dispatch of De Weibo of Wei of favour of dimension of NBA star heart, greeting Howard: Respect To What This Future Hall Of Famer Is Doing For A Championship Contender In His 16th Season? ? @DwightHoward

Pay tribute to player of hall of this prospective celebrity, in him bend of th

e 16th sports season uses up all coming that help a team contend for a coronal!

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