Fei Dele is a brethren to phonate: Tile forest blocks hall of qualified selected celebrity

After made of baked clay Lin Ka returns because of injury, achievement is scolded time and again flatly, fei Dele is accepting when interviewing, phonate for the brethren: Rank world the 15th, achievement still considers the likelihood general, but after knee sufferred so serious injury, still

can discharge in this level, this too not easy.

He is completely qualified selected celebrity hall, si Tan is having the professional profession like legend, this fact is belonged to not easy.

Change about climate, fei Dele says: It is a bit difficult to me to talk about this, because I am in the world all the time match of each district flitter. Switzerland is the example that

protects nature absolutely, I feel weather is hotter and hotter.

I realized this, so I give myself as far as possible a force. I have been to a lot of places, this makes you right the world has different view.

I hope my children go a lot of places viewing this world in the future, but we make them hardheaded as far as possible now, let them understand what is normal life, the itself that experiences because of us already not common. I am right oneself, have very tall hope to the group.

I feel I can do everything now, but change is very sharp, this is why when Basel station wins victory, my be overjoyed.

Original title: Fei Dele: Tile forest blocks hall of qualified selected celebrity his career very legend responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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