Adversity of Ha Lepu of total end of the year final turns over Wta Shenzhen dish of beautiful net champion Andelaisiku

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Adversity of Ha Lepu of total end of the year final turns over Wta Shenzhen dish of beautiful net champion Andelaisiku

Shenzhen of WTA of 2019 sports season total end of the year final continues the contend that the group surpasses. Ha Lepu of champion of lukewarm this year net is prevenient be defeated by a dish, decide the issue of the battle dish backward circumstance falls to break up tenaciously dish, with 3-6, 7-6(6) , net champion installs the beauty of descendants of 19 years old of Romania that changeover beats the score of 6-3 to take part in the match first Delaisiku, hard behead obtains make a good beginning.

Andelaisiku was 2009 the first place is in after Wociniyaji the player that the age that resents 20 years old makes into total end of the year final, the beautiful net female Chan Guanjun that also is this sports season at the same time, she never passes with Ha Lepu fight hand to hand before this. Before career 8 are opposite a Top10 is all after triumph, big slope straight beauty and Halepu were defeated in the net in installing Delaisiku to be in respectively and total end of the year final.

On October 28, ha Lepu answers a ball in the match. That day, the 2019WTA that holds in Shenzhen total end of the year final in match of female sheet of day of the 2nd race, romanian player Halepu with 2 install Delaisiku than player of 1 conquer Canada. Liang Xu of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

First dishes of bilateral war comes 1 after making the same score, defeat each other hair. The circumstance with Ha Lepu backward 0-40 issues the 5th bureau to save 3 broken hair to nod repeatedly, delaisiku is installed after two bureaus however or break deadlock once more. Beautiful net champion wins out in the bottom line seesaw battle of two people, pull open score smoothly. Halepu is in the 9th bureau blame protect cannot the trouble is encountered in one bureau, andelaisiku with a bang gives cent of get the upper hand of to grab come the 2nd check, haing Le Puzheng is patted hang a net to vacate this dishes of victory. The first dish of two people send active error, the cent of 15 get the upper hand of that Laisiku with a bang gives Dan Ande is 3 times of Halepu.

The Halepu that spor

ts season end receives injury to affect gives fight in Asian sports season not much, physical ability lays in insufficient also ideal. The famous general already had di

sh of contend Romania apparently exhausted condition. Her put an end to drops this dishes twice to take the lead in cutting the lead dominant position of hair, andelaisiku is answered twice 4-4 chases after score after defeating. The Andelaisiku when the match pauses applies for medical treatment to pause. Ha Lepu is in blame protect cannot a game ball is dissolved in the 12nd bureau, delay the competition to grab 7. Andelaisiku rescues 2 check when 4-6 is backward, with a ha strap general or live firmly condition grasped an opportunity the 3rd times.

Pan Ande of decide the issue of the battle Laisiku takes the lead in defeating hair 2-1 to precede, ha Lepu is answered closely then broken. Remove both sides from the 6th bureau successive 3 bureaus each other is broken, the lukewarm net champion with tenacious all the more compares Andelaisiku on shift more active, the Ha Lepu 5-3 with high-spirited fight is banner. Andelaisiku serves in adversary there is any regarding as in bureau success contest, breath out Le Pujiang situation to protect hair lock to win surely.

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