Because Wang Qiang hurts rank of the world that quit game to will drop the net in go no further of before going out 20 Zhang Shuai is first-run

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Because Wang Qiang hurts rank of the world that quit game to will drop the net in go no further of before going out 20 Zhang Shuai is first-run

Qiang of 4 strong king had not thought the sports meet last year oneself can end the Chinese tennis this year to make public contest with such means. The female sheet that the late night ended yesterday is first-run in, wang Qiang precedes serious cramp appears below the circumstance of adversary in big score, must quit game.

Hand of wheel pair of Wang Qiang head is Wei Ji of Gu Nuo of Mu of Australian person soup. First dishes of match, downwind downstream hits Wang Qiang 5 than 1, but unripe was born to be chased after by adversary. Although 7 than 5 take right-hand seat dish, but on too fast rhythm and physical ability use up already buried next jerky an apple of discord to Wang Qiang.

The 2nd dish, quick decision of fast battle of king Qiang hope, the match also comes for a time 4 than 0. But did not wait for the match to be hit, wang Qiang has held to not know clearly, can be in finally only 7 than 5, 5 quit game than the choice below 4 lead cases, sitting wheelchair was rolled out outside field.

The Wang Qiang that accepts urgent treatment fails to attend the news briefing after contest, till today before dawn just introduced relevant case through the sports meet. The first dish just came up 2 than 1 when left leg is pulled a bit, but not bad, not too serious. Hit the 2nd dish 4 than 0 when, feel to begin cramp. Just began even if crus is smoked, also did not feel very serious, feel to be smoked a little while was over. Did not thi

nk of to smoke more serious more, move next not know clearly. The game goes a many hour, wang Qiang says double leg immobile word body is not bad, but the foot is in as before jerky.

First-run injury drop back, basic declare ends Chinese sports season of Wang Qiang. A year ago, wang Qiang shines brilliantly i

n Chinese sports season, guangzhou makes public contest to gain the championship, fierce net, medium the net is hit into semifinals. Excellent last year performance also brought the enormous pressure that maintain branch to king Qiang, it is sports season of all player Asia 1670 minutes a the pressure that maintain branch is the greatest. Be in last week fierce net, media asks a pressure that maintain branch, wang Qiang says the group does not let her think second half of the year took how many minutes last year as far as possible all the time.

Wang Qiang need not think, but the pressure that maintain branch is placed over. Extensive network, fierce net mixes this sports season in after match of this 3 stations makes the net, wang Qiang's military successes is only 1 get the better of 3 negative, should know her last year the military successes of the corresponding period is 13 get the better of 2 negative. After go no further is first-run last night, wang Qiang eventually debus keeps minute of pressure, can continue relaxed go into battle.

For whole, this sports season expression still considers Wang Qiang stable. Beautiful net is hit into 8 strong hind, world rank of Wang Qiang comes to the 12nd for a time, saw promotion Shenzhen the hope of total end of the year final. But as Chinese sports season undertake, world rank of Wang Qiang drops again, net hind will drop in before going out 20. Next, wang Qiang still will attend elementary and other Tianjin to make public contest, integral already can't let her go to Shenzhen.

Before Wang Qiang, zhang Shuai also was defeated by Kebeier last night go no further is first-run. So far, the 7 China gold in surpassing an autograph to express spends all to appear, first-run still be in those who sign exterior and interior to remain Zheng Sai only afterwards contest and Wang Ya are numerous two people. (reporter Sun Haiguang)

Original title: Wang Qiang is jerky the net in exiting, world rank will drop before going out 20 responsibility editors: Li Xiaoling

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