CCTV I and my motherland the first collect " gain the championship " happiness of memory China women's volleyball is remembered

CCTV I and my motherland the first collect " gain the championship " happiness of memory China women's volleyball is remembered

CCTV held water 70 years to broadcast for new China special program " I and my motherland " , in the first collect " gain the championship " in, the actor held director Xu Zheng concurrently to review the good memory of concerned China women's volleyball together with Chen Gang of honored guest of CCTV volleyball explanation.

In tribute piece " I and my motherland " in, xu Zheng is the director of winning canto. Focusing of this one canto Olympic Games of Chinese women's volleyball gained the championship 1984, head win world contest 3 precious memory of Lian Guan. To this Xu Zheng says frankly, in those days oneself are 12 years old, surround together to the family the impression that watchs women's volleyball game is very deep, and oneself also are affected by indescribable ground.

Understand the women's volleyball spirit of backside truly nevertheless, even when after Xu Zheng is grown: This is a kind of success, it is not the result that the surface obtains, can reflect in all sorts of environments however go out energy. Chen Gang expresses, women's volleyball spirit is a kind of inheritance, have after Yuan Wei civilian Chen Zhong and, there is Lang Ping after Chen Zhong is mixed.

The Olympic Games final 1984, chinese women's volleyball with 3-0 conquer United States. Speak of that match, xu Zheng recollects: Answer now look, not be for the most part downwind with the stream is won

in that way in memory, more it is a kind of tactics, wisdom and tenacity. The 2nd bureau can

see the spirit of American team broke down apparently, resembling is give core unplugged.

And be in a field, the Lang Ping that has experienced that competition with player identity also before go explore class. The first impression with smooth to man respecting, lang Ping's coach of Xu Zheng speak bluntly is not average person: She is not average person this not be to say how the ground is fierce, I did not think of her meeting to introduce the case at that time so serious and meticulously. This is a kind of accomplishment.

In the film, xu Zheng also planned show share of Lang Ping designedly. In the film at the beginning, the final area of place has an old tall man that taking ping-pong bat, that is Lang Ping's coach. Xu Zheng laughs at character, she performs the coach in a place, be a small painted eggshell hides inside.

Man is made the same score even if be born for volleyball, this name calls Lang Ping, we often feel one hammer is bungled smooth, be this appearance really. Xu Zheng expresses.

The film " I and my motherland " will show on September 30. As the tribute that celebrates new China to hold water 70 years piece one of, film will be comprised by 7 canto, the Zheng that divide Xu hold guide outside gaining the championship, still include night before last, encounter, regression, Beijing you shooting star of good, daytime and convoy.

Original title: Lang Ping of Xu Zheng assist is born for volleyball: Be called Lang Ping, often feel one hammer breaks smooth responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling

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