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The country after how country of day sea 0-3 behaves the constant that owe beautiful to lose a ball greatly differs constant only big 1 minute

One should contend for a coronal, one should maintain level, how is Beijing country with Tianjin day sea in exceed league matches the 25th round everybody is this defeated not to rise to battle it may be said. How is the country that final actual strength takes actor guest field 3:0Laugh finally.

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he Guangzhou constant big epicycle of head of a list of names posted up loses a ball, make how does the country divide difference to have 1 minute only to it, how is the country still the person have force contention of league matches champion.

This battle expression grabs nationalization player Hou Yongyong eye, the match just undertook, he seizes an opportunity irruptive forbidden zone, carry shoot broken net. This also is his profession career is medium exceed a ball.

Zhang Yuning of young Cai Jun is the another hero that the country installs. He gains shoot opportunity for many times in first half, receive short-hilted broadsword of ball of Chi Zhongguo straight a place of strategic importance to defeat a net in the 28th minute. The phase when full-court match fills, zhang Yuning returns secondary attack Aogusituo notchs, help country installs 3 balls to be over get the better of. Zhang Yuning also is judged to be this field accordingly optimal player.

Advocate this battle expression owes the day sea that fight beautiful, especially first half is restricted by adversary firmly.

Although the second half increased shoot, but minatory not quite. After Piao Zhongjun is surpassed, episcopal practice thinks, first half throws two balls repeatedly, threw into confusion the deploy of team. And our defend have a weak point, the player appears often the mistake that ought not to appear. He says.

The day sea after losing a ball continues to discharge in penult, the situation that maintain level is grim. (reporter Zhang Zewei)

Original title: Only field message exceeds in: The country installs 3 balls to be over Sheng Tianhai is apart from head of a list of names posted up to differ 1 cent responsibility to edit only: Li Xiaoling

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