Harbor does not have a predestined relationship on inferior 4 strong sports season end the coronal ahead of schedule almost achievement not beautiful is concerned with injury

Harbor does not have a predestined relationship on inferior 4 strong sports season end the coronal ahead of schedule almost achievement not beautiful is concerned with injury

Do not have Aihamaiduofu and Huerke on harbor does not have a predestined relationship finally to create a miracle, 1-1 battle is gotten to make the same score in guest field and Pu Hegong, total score 3-3 is smooth, harbor scores a goal because of guest field on inferior position is entered without the predestined r

elationship 4 strong. In sufficient assist cup and inferior coronal section gives bureau hind one after another, on harbor next in a battle line transcends in remaining, but league matches returns remnant 6 rounds backward constant is big 6 minutes, the possibility that harbor defends crown on already special small.

As on of sports season in exceed champion, go up harbor a bureau expression of this sports season or perfectly. Although Wu Lei leaves team, but they still have Huerke, Oscar and Ike dark, final they beat a country easily how to gain the championship in super cup. In league matches they 3 get the better of a bureau repeatedly, although the 4th round of their ditch turns over shipowner field to be defeated by Chongqing Si Wei, but they integral performance is next steady, it is winning popular team all the time.

On September 17, be used to of congratulate of player of team of the harbor on Shanghai (left) with Pu Hegong the player that get a line promotes careful 3 go all out in the match grab. That day, 2019 inferior quarterfinal of coronal league matches in second bout match, field of guest of the harbor on Shanghai gets a line with Pu Hegong of 1 smoother than 1 battle Japan, bilateral two bouts total score 3 than 3, gang of the harbor on Shanghai does not have a predestined relationship less because of guest field goal 4 strong. Xinhua News Agency / joint company

But next since Ike dark after constant of foot be tradinged is big, they buy A Nao to hold Wei Ji in the palm, the integral expression of team begins to glide. League matches the 19th round begin, they encountered 4 Lian Ping, begin to be left to distinguish difference by Heng Dala on integral a list of names posted up, next they are in sufficient assist in cup semifinal match advocate be defeated by Shandong Lu Neng, inferior coronal quarterfinal head smooth riverside of bout 2-2 battle and, 1-3 of field of league matches guest exceeds to be defeated by Shandong Lu Neng in, mix again to tonight by riverside wash out a bureau.

Harbor is fallen into disuse to go out by Lu Neng on bureau, inferior the fig leaf that the coronal is finally originally, but be mixed finally to wash out a bureau by riverside again. Next, harbor is remained only on in transcend a battle line, regard Wei Mian as champion, the constant that harbor is apart from head of a list of names posted up on has difference of 6 minutes greatly, be apart from the country of the 2nd how to have the 2 difference of cent. Apparent, below the case that still remains 6 rounds in league matches, harbor wants on changeover exceeds constant instead great difficulty is too great. The champion that defend crown exceeds in regarding as, on harbor once 3 lines encounter 3 big all empty, for this pair of team, it is a disappointed sports season undoubtedly.

To going up for harbor, next the actualest contended for league matches namely probably the 2nd. Of next sports season inferior coronal, the quota of people that still is 3+1 exceeds in, but considering Lu Nenghe explain the flower has been entered sufficient assist cup final, wh whoever gains the championship, the 3rd exceed to will be obtained without the predestined relationship in inferior the coronal is surpassing a chair. This also is meant, if go up,harbor is obtained the 3rd, can attend only inferior the coronal is add contest, and if force presses a country how to be obtained the 2nd, will OK attend directly inferior the coronal is being surpassed.

Go up harbor 3 lines military successes not beautiful, mix actually on harbor player injury has immediate concern, be used to of Shi Ke, congratulate, Cai Hui health, Aihamaiduofu and Huerke are to hurt an injury to stop all the time, this affected the fighting capacity of team directly. A bit more additional, oneself after Ike dark drop out, new introduced A Nao holds Wei Ji in the palm to behave how terrible all the time, in the tactical system that cannot blend in team, if A Nao holds Wei Ji

in the palm,this cannot make strong performance, the harbor on that next the day will be more sad.

Original title: On harbor exceeds in two lines total collapse only remnant theory is likely sports season ends responsibility editor ahead of schedule almost: Li Xiaoling

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