Field of guest of Ying Chaoman city 3

Jan 1, 2022 爱上海同城论坛


ing time on August 25 21:00(England local time 14:00) , 2019/20 sports season flower exceeds battle of a focus the 3rd round to spread out contention in Jin Sha field, field of

graceful city guest 3 than Mao Si of Bern of 1 get victory, plum of A Gui collect opens 2 degrees, si Telin scores a goal, harry - Wilson infiltrates wave of free kick world.

Graceful city is obtained the 15th minute banner, wrong way of division of ferry musical instrument is small pass, debulaonei mows devoid force, 10 place shoot A Gui collect left next horn. Debulaonei finishs secondary attack 50 times to use 123 league matches only is Ying Chao the fastest.

Bern Mao Si the 39th minute of nearly breaks even, the bosom before Aodamendimen stops ball error, but the Adam of follow-up - Smith is small reserve margin shoot slants piece. Graceful city enlarges score the 43rd minute, xi Er covers with tiles be passed continuously like scalpel, disclose of the short-hilted broadsword before Si Telin small penalty area shoots a net, 2-0.

When Mao Si half of a game or contest fills, Bern turns an one city, the Harry that the reserve comes on the stage - Wilson is in free kick 25 times direct shoot, rubber ball hits pillar of top right corner to join a network, 1-2.

The 52nd minute, harry - Wilson sends pass continuously, ka Lumu - the short-hilted broadsword shoot inside Wilson forbidden zone is rescued by Aidesen. Subsequently graceful city strikes back, debulaonei is pushed inside margin of the reserve after A Gui collect kicks a wall to cooperate together shoot, rubber ball is brushed on the right side of pillar slants piece. Si Telin forbidden zone is left time pass, xierwa takes a ball to defend in Laierma outside top left corner of small penalty area next trip, reject to sentence the ball that punish a dot after VAR examine and verify.

Graceful city pulls open difference the 64th minute again, the other side of intercept of the field before division of ferry musical instrument casts the out-of-bounds that go out, a Gui collect stops a ball, xi Er covers with tiles take advantage of an opportunity grabs a ball suffocate suffocate of irruptive forbidden zone, the disclose before the small penalty area of A Gui collect of follow-up shoots a net, 3-1. Career of profession of A Gui collect infiltrates 400 balls, infiltrate for graceful city among them 235 balls. Kansailuodi 90 minutes of reserves come on the stage finish a show.

Original title: Ying Chao - Mei Kaier of A Gui collect spends Sitelin to score a goal field of guest of graceful city 3-1 gets the better of responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling

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