Cup of Spaish Europe couplet promotes easily fierce Lei reserve comes on stage do not have opportunity play

Qualification of Europe couplet cup surpasses second bout the 2nd round in Beijing time before dawn launchs have a contest today, the Spaish with Icelandic be a guest with 3 than 1 beat Sidaerna, total score 7 than 1 promotion. Benchangbi surpasses Wu Lei once more the reserve comes on stage, but not too much bright look play.

The biggest challenge that Spaish team faces in place of the 2nd bou

t is objective element the club is located in Sidaerna to add Er Icelandicly to plunge into the city that do obeisance to Er, although be summer, but highest temperature has 15 degrees only. What field uses is artificial sod, visiting team needs to suit.

Head bout advocate 4 did not cost than the 0 Spaish that surpass rival greatly too much get used to time, this field match begin only 5 minutes, peideluosa performed the good play that notchs even the burst open the door after count person, help team obtains dream to leave bureau. The 19th minute, of Luo Peisi foul be sentenced to punish bit of ball, but Haerduosong hits the ball fly, sidaerna fails to chase after score smooth. The 52nd minute, burst open the door of short-hilted broadsword of Xi Yasi of Yi case Lai, adapt score for 2 than 0.

Wu Lei comes on stage in the 65th minute of reserve, but with head it is like bout match photograph, he is attendant the too much support that goes up to still did not obtain teammate. The 78th minute, feileila leaves one town again, home team just infiltrates in the 87th minute the one ball that redeems face. Before the match ends, after the field in Wu Lei gets a ball dash forward to forbidden zone, but in shoot instant sole flabby fall down, rubber ball slants a doorpost.

Spain hit 5 minutes to Wu Lei after media competition, look in them, chinese player appears too anxious in 25 minutes of time that come on the stage, give apparent effect without play, was to e

nter the court merely just. Intermediary also hopes on the west Wang Wulei is playing round of game with Swiss team Lu Saien in progress somewhat.

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Original title: Spaish is relaxed pass a barrier, fierce Lei reserve comes on stage to did not obtain editor of responsibility of too much opportunity: Li Xiaoling

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