Bogute is acid Sun Yang what Bogute " big mouth " the title is original long-standing

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Bogute is acid Sun Yang what rich is ancient title of especially big mouth is original long-standing

Rich of NBA Number One Scholar is Australian player, ancient 2005 send especially push: All swimmers that receive medal together with Sun Yang, should take hammer to pound the table that receive award sodden. . . . . .

On July 21, sun Yang is in the prize-giving ceremonially after 400 meters of self-determination surpass the man, the Australian player Huo Du that wins silver medal rejects to appear on the stage to receive award with the stage with Sun Yang, and the life that has in 23 days man of bright and beautiful match after final of 200 meters of crawl, the British player Scot that obtains Ji Jun also refuses in prize-giving ceremony with Sun Yang group photo, his this one act makes Sun Yang very malconten

t, made brandish fist motion to Scot, howl to the other side with English: I am conqueror, you are a loser! This one act causes great echo.

Actually Sun Yang encounters this kind of thing is not first time any more, this take second place does not press fury so, also be to be driven beyond forbearance really.

Bogute sends NBA player later push, make public dispatch satirize Sun Yang unexpectedly, saying is the person that contends for medal with Sun Yang should use hammer to pound the table that receive award, this thing is caused one time immediately spit groove.

As to this Bogute, when he just entered alliance, be chosen to be Number One Scholar in those days, he gives Munchausen with respect to the mouth, sneer at elder Lu is overcome - bright benefit, got big mouth consequently this byname.

A before 3 years faceless and voting in, bogute is judged to be before entire alliance plays a ball game 3 dirty players by player and 24 coaches!

Bogute individual data

Full name: Andrew Michael Bogut

The position: Center

Height: 2.13 meters (7 feet 0 inches)

Weight: 118 kilograms (260 pounds)

Give unripe date: On November 28, 1984

Be born city: Australian Melbourne

Bogute is acid Sun Yang this thing comes ou

t, a lot of netizens divide minute of Bogute that spit groove, ball ability is no good, bearing more be no good, the esteem of at least does not know, what qualification says others. Still have a few netizens more express to feel distressed Sun Yang.

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