2019 lukewarm nets perform Tecent of two female odd semifinal now living broadcast of sports general video

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Beijing time on July 11 message, tounament of lukewarm net of 2019 sports season will spread out to surpassing the 10th contention of day now. Will undertake two female odd semifinal now, gain the championship the biggest popular small power will challenge Czech girl Sitelikewa; And Romanian famous general with a ha straps general general and Wu Kelan's girl the have a contest that Siweituolina stages a match each other in strength.

Living broadcast of video of Tecent sports whole journey 2019 lukewarm nets, welcome to pay close attention to!

Central field:

The first: Si Wei of Ha Lepu VS holds Rena in the palm (Beijing time began at 20 o'clock)

Ha Lepu is before winner of champion of the arm of the law, the best achievement in lukewarm net is to was killed 2014 enter 4 strong, her position is relatively general this year, semifinals can be not entered in two vole match afore, current world rank glided the 7th. The net with a ha straps Benciwen general gives fight with the identity of 7 seeds, before four-wheel the match beat Sasinuoweiji of White Russia player, brethren veteran respectively Azalunka of famous general of Buzaneisiku, White Russia and 15 years old, enter 8 strong later beat kill first into lukewarm net 8 strong China gold spend Zhang Shuai.

As Hai Ning's child, si Wei holds Rena person in the palm to exceed 5 to surpass queen, but she is compared all the time in the expression in vole contest disappointing. Match of before this year two vole her best achievement is 8 strong, current world ranks a platoon to be in the 8th, benciwen net she gives fight with the identity of 8 seeds, before four-wheel the match beat Australian player Jiafuliluowa, Russia red pink respectively Jiasipa is delayed, Greek Sa Keli of one elder sister and Keluodeya player Ma, enter 8 strong later beat baby of Czech player Mu Zhuo.

In the rate of get victory compensate that at present BET365 gives out, ha Lepu is more the one party that is valued, she with 1 compensate the 1.44 1 compensate of banner Yusiweituolina 2.75.

The 2nd: Small power VS Sitelikewa (restrict Beijing time at 22 o'clock)

Small power before ever obtained lukewarm net female Chan Guanjun 7 times early or late, but had wanted restrospect to recently 2016. Produce oneself child since reappearing, small power the groove that did not restore oneself all the time, this year bay net go no further 8 strong, the arm of the law is in the 3rd round go out early bureau, current world ranks a platoon to be in the 10th. Benc

iwen the network is small power still be those who gain the championship is the biggest popular one of, before 5 rounds of matches she desertions only two dishes, beat Italian veteran to cheat belle of Zhu Mo of young general of aperture of the base of a fruit, Slovenian, Germany respectively the Si Ke in Nawaluo of player of Geergesi, Spain and brethren.

After entering semifinals small power adversary will be Czech player Sitelikewa, latter desertions merely in 5 matches afore a dish, on annulus the match beat tower of aperture of native land cosset, professional career promotes first lukewarm net 4 strong. This game is little power it is undoubtedly more the one party that is valued, in the rate of get victory compensate that at present BET365 gives out, she with 1 compensate 1.25 precede considerably 1 compensate of Yusitelikewa 4. (Li Tianyou)

Original titl

e: Lukewarm net sees a drop 10 days: Small power meet Czech a dark horse head-on to breath out Le Puchong responsibility of female odd final edits: Ceng Shaolin

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