Zhanmusi basks in Zhan emperor Le Bulang 6 new polo shirt profess " the king of kongfu "

Jan 2, 2022 上海龙凤419论坛

Zhanmusi basks in Zhan emperor Le Bulang 6 new polo shirt profess the king of kongfu

Beijing time on July 10, lake person cacique straps Braun - the PS that Zhanmusitong crossed gregarious media Instagram to bask in a piece of 6 date new polo shirt is illuminated, new teammate Anthony - Davis nods assist for it, ESPN is pushed in the government speak especially he professes the king of kongfu.

Illuminate in this piece of

PS in, le Bulang put on 6 polo shirt in Miami times, the head wears white hair to take, stand over field center Logo, appear bully energy of life is very. Before this, le Bulang expresses magnanimousingly to let 23 polo shirt new teammate Davis, he will wear a 6 date polo shirt in period of showing tremendous enthusiasm. Two days ago, he still is above Instagram basked in the group photo with Davis to illuminate, reveal 23 latter polo shirt together. Now, le Bulang hair is illuminated, davis is very fast assist of exchange gifts place, convey him the appreciate sentiment to Lebulang.

Interesting is, zhanmusi is being basked in according to still deserved to go up at the same time character, the king of kongfu, bruce - plum - Braun? I do not know, ha. Although he says not to know, but can look completely reach his king pose as with kongfu, also be to be in at the same time the God Li Xiaolong to oneself (Bruce Lee) greeting. Before this, zhanmusi states when accepting Netease sports to interview he has seen all movie of Li Xiaolong almost,

adore him very much, li Xiaolong's spirit is incentive all the time also he is ongoing.

This piece of photograph is heated up very quickly to discuss, also be pushed by ESPN government special transmit, speak the PS of the king that says Lebulang likes time. A lot of netizens also leave a message below, speak Lebulang wears hair belt is to be the hair boundary line that thinks cloak is taller and taller.

Original title: Does Zhan Huang bask in 6 P graph to compare the king: of kongfu oneself? Form also throb with terror multiply? plum - Braun? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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