The arm of the law surpasses first-run war situation publicly: Ge Fen loses 4 bureaus pass a barrier to carry Shiwaciman to enter second annulus

Jan 2, 2022 上海贵族宝贝419

Beijing time on May 27, french tennis is surpassed publicly first-run, sweep anything away of 6-0/6-2/6-2 of Belgian Ge Fen compares Lanjisi, struggle hard of the Ci Man that use watt conquer of hardship of 5 dishes of 6-3/3-6/7-6(7)/2-6/6-2 Fusuoweici, two people had been entered hand in hand first-run close.

Dagger fragrance adversary is Bilanjisi, two people the fight hand to hand before this 5, ge Fen 2 get the better of 3 negative be in ahull, nevertheless this is to be first on laterite engage in a battle, first dishes of match, ge Fen enters state very quickly, defeat continuously hair is procurable, than Lan Jisi error again and again, ge Fen sends an egg to win out with 6-0, the 2nd dish, after opening bureau each other to protect, ge Fen sends force again, aggression is hit handy, win 4 bureaus to precede with 5-1 repeatedly, although serve,get the better of dish of bureau

to be defeated, but he is defeated again immediately hair, take the 2nd dish with 6-2, subsequently the 3rd dish, what to compare Lanjisi or cause to browbeat to Ge Fen hard, belgian is defeated twice send procurable 6-2 to be gotten the better of again, take next victories.

What laterite sports season hits Shiwaciman is medium the quadrature in compasses, ci of his dimension of adversary blessing all alone encountered 3 be defeated repeatedly, this is two people first fight hand to hand, first dishes of match, shiwaciman opens a phase in broken hair of the 4th bureau, maintained an advantage to be taken with 6-3, the 2nd dish, shiwaciman leaves bureau precede with 2-0, but Argentine error is subsequently more, fusuoweici takes the chance to obtain time broken, dish two people develop end level broken hair big fight, 6-3 of Ci of dimension of blessing all alone is pulled answer a dish.

The 3rd dish, two people defeat hair success twice severally, score rises alternately all the way, ci of dimension of all alone of blessing of the 12nd bureau rescues a broken hair to nod namely check is protected hair, procrastinate to grab 7, nevertheless Shiwaciman is developed more stable, take with 9-7, big score 2-1 is banner, the 4th dish, shiwaciman's physical ability glides apparent, 4 serve bureau also did not protect, fusuoweici takes the chance to turn an one city with 6-2.

Decide the issue of the battle dish after opening bureau each other to defeat, shiwaciman has adjusted position, mastered the active advantageous position on field afresh, final 6-2 is taken, promotion second annulus, he will be in the 2nd wheel pair blast Er of b

rethren L- Mayer, latter 7-6/6-3/6-0 sent an egg to wash out Weisaili.

Original title: The arm of the law - Ge Fen loses pass a barrier of 4 bureaus sweep anything away to carry Shiwaciman to enter only round of responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling

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