VS of Barcelona of semifinal of 2019 Europe coronal is Liverpudlian a hair forecast historical engage in a battle

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Netease sports reported on May 1:

Beijing time on May 2 before dawn at 3 o'clock, cling to Sa will be in Europe coronal semifinal in the 1st bout advocate field is right blast Liverpudlian.

On Europe coronal history, two teams engage in a battle passes 4 times, cling to Sa 2 get the better of 1 smooth 1 negative, ball of gain and loss is 5 than 3. Be in advocate, cling to Sa 1 smooth 1 negative, ball of gain and loss is 1 than 2.

Mei Xi whether supply a gap

In the engage in a battle with Ying Chaoqiu team, mei Xiwei fails the team of excommunicate is Liverpudlian. In final of 1/8 of 06/07 sports season, battle of 2-2 of bilateral total score is smooth, basayin for the inferior position with guest field little goal be washed out. In those two matches, mei Xi fails to obtain a goal.

Optimal halfback of optimal forward PK

Mei Xi is the current and optimal forward that is without controversy, vandyke is Ying Chao and even worldwide the optimal halfback inside. Recently 45 field flower transcend the race in, vandyke even never b

y adversary man-to-man breakthrough passes. The PK of Meixi and Vandyke, became the strongest contradiction naturally contend for.

Revive battle of divine library bird is old advocate

Su Yalei Si Ken is surely cling to a hair center of Sa, considering on annulus Jiakudiniao played game of half of a game or contest only on the west, he will force pressing ascends Bei Lai to be in Ouguan head give out. To these two players, the manner of Liverpudlian respect differs completely. Revive Yaleisi is regarded as exploit, kudiniao is regarded as a traitor.

Injury of Nuo of phenanthrene Er rice reappears more

Going up round of Ying Chaozhong, feierminuoyin hurts armistice. Injury of Nuo of phenanthrene Er rice reappears more nowadays, and entered team name sheet in. Of Feierminuo reappear, make Liverpudlian had the strongest trident afresh.

Surpass preface to talk

Baerweide: Is overcoming Luo Pu to say Nuokanpu football Temple of God? In the past a few matches, number of our seat of honour exceeds 90 thousand person all the time. I believe, adversary also will experience this tomorrow. I know, the word art that the coach is only if overcoming Luo Pu just.

Keluopu: I am a fan, how may I answer pair of Nuokanpu to there are any ideas that do not respect? We hope to be able to play our best football here.

Forecast a hair

Barcelona (4-3-3) : Teershitegen / Luo Bei is held in the palm, Pi Ke, Langgelai, Aerba / Lajidiji, Busikeci, Atuer

Liverpudlian (4-3-3) : Alisen / general of the base of a fruit of Arnaud, horse, Vandyke, Luo Baixun / Weinaerdumu, Fabiniao,

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