Soldiers of 28 U.N. peace keeping sacrifice in Ma Li this year 165 people are injured

Xinhua News Agency amounts to Er of noise made in coughing or vomiting on December 17 report (the reporter is princely) information of Ba Ma branch: The many level in U.N. horse stabilizes specially appointed group integratedly (Ma Li stabilizes a group) Kaximuweien says colonel 16 days, soldiers of 28 U

.N. peace keeping are shared to die in Ma Li by assault since this year, 165 people are injured.

Kaximuweien says on the press conference that holds that day, this year is group of the stability in the horse from casualty number is maximum year since 2017, among them 50% cause by assault of simple and easy exploder.

He says, this year so far, stable group undertakes 13 thousand times patrolling in all in the horse, execute the mission such as agreement of protective civilian, executive peace 100 times.

This month 8 days, the stability in the horse is round motorcade of a logistics is mid

in the horse Banggujiala makes a surprise attack when area executive task by simple and easy exploder, 8 peace keeping soldiers die.

In March 2012, ma Li produces military coup d'etat. April 2013, u.N. Security Council passes resolution, the decision establishs Ma Li to stabilize a group. May 2015, armed organization of the government in the horse and upper zone part is signed peace and reconcile agreement. Of the same age in June, each square agreement that finish is signed finally. However, upper zone conflicts all the time in recent years in the horse ceaseless, the armed assault of mid area also has tendency of grow in quantity.

Original title: Soldiers of 28 U.N. peace keeping edit in responsibility of the sacrifice in the horse this year: Ceng Shaolin

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