The U.S. Army is banned big border unmanned aircraft is worn " blinkers " view the world

American army ministry confirms 8 days to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, army released a memorandum to say a few days ago, what China produces is big border unmanned aircraft has a weak point below network environment, already asked to be inside limits of total ground force taboo.

"Ban " after giving out, american public opinion is oppugned in succession, even the government sector takes out research data, for big border security " platform " . And analytic personage thinks, this one " ban " rear, refractive is the United States just is opposite " China is made " always has the heart of guard.

[" deepness " ban must tear open even batteries]

This year May, lab of American army

research issued the name is " big border unmanned aircraft science and technology browbeats and use a weakness " confidential report; With the month, american navy also releases the name is " use big border the operation venture of series product " memorandum.

American army concludes accordingly, say in memorandum, although big border unmanned aircraft is American army the civil level with use maximum amount does not have man-machine, but because its are put in the risk, should disuse, the limits that be banned includes:

All big border unmanned aircraft and include big border equipment and software inside system, army is departmental the door should " stop all use, uninstall all big border application, move except all big border the batteries on equipment and store presence is large border the media on equipment, await these equipment appropriate follow-up instruction surely. Await these equipment appropriate follow-up instruction surely..

[" weakness " why of character unidentified]

Ban so thoroughly, but American army is done not have however external dictum, its are alleged " the weakness below network environment " it is what to point to after all.

Beautiful intermediary guesses, can film in view of unmanned aircraft to a lot of experience secret war acts or the high-definition video of martial base, store its perhaps do not have man-machine oneself interior in the mobile phone, the U.S. Army may be afraid, if someone else is used with the equipment with unmanned aircraft same frequency, can contain the video of sensitive content from the filch on unmanned aircraft.

To " ban your " message, big border the respect expresses, american army not at this point thing and big border had undertaken any communication. Big border do not understand its to indicate " weakness " specific meaning, appeal society need not undertake excessive guess. Up to now, big border still wait for with U.S. Army respect " ban your " do communicate.

Big border still express, actually, big border did not cooperate with the martial orgnaization of any countries. No matter U.S. Army or the martial branch of any countries are gotten big border terminal product, it is to carry open market channel, is not direct with big border connection purchases.

[doubt in succession ego " make a face " ]

Big border data of unmanned aircraft memory is insecure, prevent divulge a secret to must be banned big border? This kind of view sufferred the multiple doubt of the public opinion inside the United States.

Doubt one: Beautiful government sector considers to confirm big border very reliable!

Jump out to use a fact above all " make a face " of beautiful army, it is American country ocean and atmosphere management board (NOAA) .

With the army, NOAA also is unmanned aircraft " spend an user again " , use unmanned aircraft to collect in great quantities hydrology awaits data compatibly. This one orgnaization used in October 2016 big border unmanned aircraft has a test, try to store certainly man-machine is not had in this medium data is safe.

Study a result according to NOAA, big border when unmanned aircraft joins through network and server, commutative data basically is the system is updated. Research thinks this class number occupies exchange " very common, also did not discover unusual situation in the experiment. Also did not discover unusual situation in the experiment..

Doubt 2: Ban big border, must that other and unmanned aircraft ban cough up?

Wife person offers a job that the name is Oliver Jimiya, prohibit only big border without man-machine no point, because of the other unmanned machine on market data protects ability and not likely is compared big border better. Press army train of thought, amount to occupies safe consider, other wanting does not have man-machine to must be banned in great quantities.

In addition, with this analogize, smartphone or flat computer can film as much video or transcribe frequency, convey through the network these data, because this also is put in the risk that is atttacked.

Doubt 3: Big border so good, "The United States is made " fact is hard replace.

American netizen still has additionally one kind to be anxious, that is current the United States can not produce a property bigger than the shoulder border unmanned aircraft, so if ban big border, army will face the awkward situation that cannot find substitute. On Quora and Reddit website, many netizens think, achieve without function almost on American market at present big border unmanned aircraft of the level.


Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, class boat is consumed to pat market of aero whole world to have below border banner greatly leading is 70% above, and North America market also is big border the biggest in the international market. than below, stop to produce unmanned engine in 3D robot company hind, the United States has been done not have large-scale dedicated control the company that create at unmanned aircraft.

[" blinkers " can rest]

Actually, this " big border ban " of reflection, it is American defense department right " China is made " always has the heart of guard.

American law prohibits native weapon manufacturer is used come from China and a few otherer national raw material, think this kind is depended on can let an U.S. Army become flimsy in conflict.

Be based on such logic, 2001, american department of defense ever was troubled by had given absurd " beret incident " , the logistics bureau that its director purchases purchased the beret that 618 thousand China produce not carefully, value 4 million dollar. To ensure these caps are not worn by American soldier, logistics bureau considers destroy by melting or burning these caps, the option that sells surplus to requirement the store repeatedly also is denied, because come so,the cap saunters possibly still to go up to soldier head.

After ten years, as " China is made " greaten become strong, branch of American war industry " not careful " bought Chinese product can be beret no longer. 2012, losk Heed - Martin is exploded its F-35 planned to use Chinese magnet. Be in one time after investigation, the department of defense thinks safety does not have anxiety, allotted exempt book finally, for " China is made " defeated exemple.

After this, in American high-grade industry " China is made " " ban repeatedly more than " . 2014, the B-1B bomber of Boeing company and Losk Heed - the certain F-16 battleplan of Martin company also was discovered to use Chinese data by the department of defense. "China is made " send more " impossible to defend effectively " , the United States should cover army nowadays " fit together perfectly " , unlike ten years before " beret incident " , "Simple and crude " the ground makes do to go. (Reporter Liu Yang, Xu Xiaolei, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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