Deploy " Sa heart " aggravating politics disorder glides rate of Han president support is minor

Jan 2, 2022 上海龙凤自荐

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In new network report will report according to Han Lian company on August 3, the civilian attune that Gallup Korea releases 3 days shows as a result, the Korea people of 70.3% gives positive opinion to administration of presidential Wen Zaiyin, relatively before a week glides 3.7 percent. The analysis says, heart of Sa of Wen Zaiyin deploy launchs a car to bring about accentuation of situation of Korea politics disorder, choice to rest the opportunity of summer vacation to its supportive rate has negative effect.

Data chart: Korea president Wen Zaiyin visits the White House. The graph is Wen Zaiyin to publish an address on associated press conference. Diao Haiyang of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Gallup Korea has public opinion poll at will coming to will be aimed at 1521 adult of countrywide on August 2 on July 31. The result shows, 70.3% suffer the person that visit to give positive opinion to Wen Zaiyin's administration, of 22.2% suffer the person that visit to give negative opinion, 7.5% suffer the person that visit to withhold an opinion.

In the findings that releases last weekend, supportive rate of Wen Zaiyin advances freeboard income group to add tax policy to stop because of its drop pick up, dan Benzhou drops again.

On July 31, korea turns over Maoyu of group of Sa heart citizen to gather around made of baked clay stage of blueness of presidential government office, hold meeting of the heart that turn over Sa, protest Korea government increases deploy Sa heart to launch the decision of the car. Wu Xu of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Gallup Korea analysis says, the Wen Zaiyin after Korea fires missile is in

dicated temporarily 4 Sa Defa shoot deploy the rest the political disorder situation such as the car is aggravating, add concerned Wen Zaiyin to choose to rest the proper sex of summer vacation period and house price soare wait for relevant report to have negative effect.

From each political party support leads a field, hold the supportive rate of collective the Democratic Party is the political party 50.5% , relatively glide last week 2.1 percent. Ever since ordinal for free Korea party (the party of 17.9%) , countryman (6.8%) , party (5.2%) and just party (4.8%) .

Original title: Deploy " Sa heart " aggravating politics disorder glides rate of Han president support is minor responsibility edits: Read related Ceng Shaolin: 7 a period of ten days scoop up cadaver to be versed in the soul ferries person: He salvages the first body 16 years old to do 50 old 2017-07-28 C919 of homebred big airlines plans mode of test-fly of open much ground to throw Chinese flowering crabapple of 6 2017-07-28 typhoon to contract CP of Tang of annex accept rustle Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of 2017-07-31 of rainfall of prospective a week

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