Flower intermediary: Indonesian even more extradite suspect of bilk of network of 100 China book

Jan 2, 2022 上海龙凤419论坛

According to the BBC (BBC)8 reports 2 days month, indonesia extradite 153 people, it is Chinese citizen for the most part among them, they are accused with Chinese churchyard the personage is a target, network bilk amounts to millions dollar.

Police says, these gangs will run the ground to be surely outside Chinese condition, it is to escape the investigation of Chinese respect.

This group of people are accused to pretend victim of contact of Chinese judicatory personnel, the requirement pays money to exchange law to help, with diddle

of this kind of means more than 450 million dollar.

Gang of this one crime from 2016 the bottom begins to run, the Chinese citizen in the center at be in during on the weekend water of Jakarta, Si is mixed cling to li island and other places is arrested.

The report still says, have no clear message to affirm at present, by extradite whether is there a Taiwanese among the suspect.

Last year, malaysia reachs extradite of suspect of 67 bilk case chinese mainland, have 45 Taiwanese among them, although Taiwan is much,go to before group staff undertake assist check and consult, but the mainland still holds to, the suspect will p

enalize according to mainland law.

Original title: Flower intermediary: Indonesian extradite even more responsibility of suspect of bilk of network of 100 China book edits: Ceng Shaolin

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