New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez head toward milestone of a showdown

Sep 30, 2021 上海千花网论坛

Baseball For a player the Yankees reportedly deem unmarketable, Alex Rodriguez sure is getting marketed a lot  — by everyone but his team.As the New York Daily News points out, new commissioner Rob Manfred made a po

int during spring training of asking ’s national TV partners to promote the game’s young stars. Yet everywhere you’ve tuned during the season’s early going you’ve seen the TV spotlight on, yes, the 39-year-old Yankee that the Daily News described as a “tainted drug abuser (who Manfred helped bust) returning from a season in exile.” MORE: Classic images of Willie MaysESPN, Fox Sports 1, Network and the Yankees’ own YES Network all have focused on A-Rod, discussing everything from backlash to bat speed and, the prickly part for the Yankees, upcoming milestones. Rodriguez, with 655, is fast approaching Willie Mays’ 660 at No. 4 on the all-time home run list, yet — as Fox reporter Ken Rosenthal detailed multiple times on Saturday’s Yankees-Red Sox broadcast — the Yankees front office “(does) not intend” to pay Rodriguez any bonuses for milestone homers.According to a source cited by the Daily News, if the Yankees designate A-Rod’s passing Mays as a marketing milestone, then according to the 10-year, $275 million contract he signed in 2007 he would be due a $6 million bonus essentially selling to the team the rights to use his name and/or likeness on merchandise related to the milestone.The Yankees, as Rosenthal noted, consider A-Rod “an unmarketable player.”In fact, the team is so intent on not paying him any bonuses that Rodriguez is notably absent from the “upcoming milestones” section in the team’s game-day media notes.The disconnect: Rodriguez has been front and center in virtually every national broadcast thus far, and the Yankees are scheduled to appear on FS1, ESPN and Network five times in the next two weeks. As 660 nears, things could get very interesting, not to mention contentious.

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