Legislation of 131 assemblyman support confiscates Han treasury of turn over to the higher authorities of Cui Shun real property

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31 congressman make clear Korea yesterday, the boudoir sweet Cui that support makes Piao Jinhui of the president before be aimed at arranges solid Cui to arrange real property to confiscate special law legislation, ask as soon as possible treasury of Korea of turn over to the higher authorities of belongings of suitable fact of Cui of pursue and wipe out.

According to the report, drive Cui to arrange real property to confiscate stannum of An Min of chairman of working party of special law legislation, ministerialist to hold a press conference to express yesterday by what assemblyman of Korea the government and the public comprises, congress arranges real property through capturing Cui special law case is to prevent similar and corrupt case to repeat, on this problem, do not divide hold political opposition, more do not divide progress to keep a group of people of same interest, want to support. If object enacting this proposed law, the trial that faces the people.

An Min stannum expresses, the Cui Shun real property that already checked up to now has several one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two Han yuan, although she is in,be imprisoned, authorities or the abroad worth that receive her wash the message of money through empty shell company. Cui arranges the blood that real property is a countryman and sweat, cannot look on indifferently to this.

It is reported, if this act wants to be passed in Korea congress, should get half above at least (150) the support of congressman. As a result of current and only 131 congressman expressed to support, wait to still more opposition assemblyman expresses supportive hind to will walk along a program formally to promote this bill through.

As we have learned, special law asks to establish Cui of special pursue and wipe out to arrange real undeserved income and the board of inquiry that hide belongings. After the license that obtains Korea court by this board of inquiry, investigation Cui arranges condition of real all property, make this belongings finally successful income Korea treasury.

An Min stannum expresses, he arrives recently Germany, Switzerland, Liezhiduishideng, Austria, Hungarian and other places, real to Cui Shun property undertakes dogging, result discovery, cui suitable fact establishs empty shell company, wash money conceal through these companies capital of a huge sum. Sheet is in Germany, cui suitable fact has 400 to reach company of 500 empty shell, and had found dimensions to outstrip 200 billion private fund of Han Yuan in Holand.

He says, before the regnant capital estima

tion at that time makes an appointment with presidential Piao Zhengxi 8.9 trillion Han Yuan, exceed 300 trillion with present monetary conversion Han Yuan. After Piao Zhengxi dies, the father Cui peaceful that this belongings flows into Cui suitable fact in civilian hand, cui Shun fact is passed again later.

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