During Australian Vice Prime Minister visits the United States, new coronal positive accepts segregation in Washington

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December 9 ABC (ABC) , England " defend a newspaper " 8 days of reports, after Banabiqiaoyisi of Australian Vice Prime Minister arrives at the United States to visit, be detected to give new coronal virus to show masculine gender, keeping apart in Washington Colombia special zone at present, appear slight symptom. This week is some earlier moment, joyce just has visited England.

Bay office of Vice Prime Minister sends statement to say, slight symptom appears after Joyce arrives at the United States, subsequently nucleic acid detects show masculine gender, be at present among segregation. Visit the United States the other member nucleic acid of delegacy detects the result all is negative. But state Yi Si of tall of not specific specification is the new coronal virus that contracts why when.

According to the report, joyce is in before arriving at the United States, just end the visit to England, british judicatory minister was interviewed in London Duominikelabu. When Joyce accepts celestial news network to interview, express, he does not know the new coronal virus that when he contracts, but the crowd that say

s the street swarmed England to shop for christmas on the road.

Australian premier Morison says, already communicated with tall Yi Si, in order of Vice Prime Minister, already complete and vaccinal new coronal is vaccinal, wish he recovers at an early date.

In June 2021, because tall Yi Siceng did not adorn guaze mask, violate communal and wholesome ban, be in by police with 200 bay yuan (add up to a RMB about 976 yuan) amerce. According to the report, in new administrative division a gas station, joyce is shown to did not adorn when entering a store by hair of a people guaze mask, this one behavior of Joyce is informed against later, be in by police in order to fine. (abroad net Zhang Qi)

Original title: During Australian Vice Prime Minister visits the United States, new coronal positive accepts segregation responsibility to edit in Washington: Ceng Shaolin

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