Europe " poisonous egg " disturbance grows in intensity Holand is shown know the inside story does not sign up for

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In report will occupy new network on August 12 outside intermediary reports 12 days, limits of European poisonous egg expands further, already evolved to straddle area issue. European committee says 11 days, up to now besides the European Union the country discovers 15 members to suffer nitrile of insecticide fluorine bug (besides the egg that Fipronil) pollutes, switzerland and the Chinese Hong Kong that are l

ocated in an Asia also discover these eggs. In addition, poisonous egg incident acts more intense more, had caused conflict between Holand, Belgium and Germany.

The European Union will open hold a conference or consultation to denounce countermeasure

To answer this increasingly serious question quickly, european committee expresses, the minister already was in country of European Union member to will open hold a conference or consultation to denounce countermeasure on September 26 surely. But the spokesman emphasizes, this is not crisis meeting.

Luosaliao of European commission spokesman says on the press conference, the European Union state that suffers an effect up to now has wheat of He Dan of Belgian, Holand, Germany, France, Sweden, England, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, polish, Romania, Slovak, Slovenian, and country of member of blame European Union the Hong Kong of Switzerland and Asian area.

Luosaliao says, those use Belgian, Holand, Germany and France illegally the rasorial farm of fluorine bug nitrile, already was made shut. Other 13 countries and area are the farm entrance egg that gives an issue to these 4 countries.

Fluorine bug nitrile can exterminate flea, mite and cootie, be labelled by World Health Organization the chemical that noxiousness spends in having to the mankind, a large number of absorbing can cause function of liver function, kidney and thyroid function damage. European Union regulation, fluorine bug nitrile must not be used at the cultivate birds in catenary of human food industry.

After incident of European poisonous egg is made public 1 day this month, already know exactly about sth is worn below 1 million eggs and egg product.

10 days, danish authorities says, have amount to 20 tons to suffer contaminative egg to already was in Denmark work off. These eggs that import to Belgian supplier, already sold hall of cafeteria, coffee and meal store mostly; French Ministry of Agriculture pointed out that day, to Belgium and the pollution that Holand imports the egg already entered French store about 250 thousand, had sold for the most part piece. Nevertheless two countries authorities emphasizes, edible these eggs are unapt the harm is healthy.

Belgium criticises Holand know the inside story does not sign up for

In addition, romania is in this country western the yoke fluid that discovers metric ton contains pesticide of fluorine bug nitrile, authorities says, this batch of products will be overall destroy by melting or burning, ensure without enter the market first-rate. Slovak also discovers 21 box pollute an egg.

Poisonous egg incident acts more intense more, had caused conflict between Holand, Belgium and Germany. This week censures Belgium Holand is in early knew to the egg gets pollution in November 2016, did not notify other country in time however. To this, holand tries to deny.

European Union sanitation and Andeliukaidisi of committee member of food safety committee express, each country should attend a meeting to discuss how to solve a problem together, we must cooperate hand in hand, learn from inside the mistake, is not to waste effort to censure each other.

On August 4 message, holand food and product safety commission (NVWA) was warned a few days ago, in a batch of eggs check gives tall pH indicator to have poisonous insecticide, form serious and communal wholesome venture. Holand produces every year amount to 11 billion egg

s, even more is exported partly toward other country, give priority to with Germany in the center. (Data chart)

Pass two officers of Holand company to be arrested

On the other hand, holand and Belgium are intensifying taking action, the person that pursue experience case. Two countries investigates personnel Zhou Si to spread out combination to act, respectively assault ransacks homeland manages a site more, data of account of file, car, bank and fixed assets are obtained since, and 6000 litres of contraband are hunted down in Belgium.

Holand police arrested two suspects that day, according to telling the director that they are Chickfriend of company of Holand of egg pollution fountainhead. Check just says, two people are suspected of constituting menace to public health, and hold bans used pesticide. Holand and Belgian rasorial farmer invite Chickfriend to divide cootie for fowl, uses pesticide is the origin that causes this egg pollution.

Holand authorities says, the supplier Poultry-Vision that the object that assault acts also includes nitrile of Belgian fluorine bug and be pointed to string together the company of a Holand that seek with its.

As to Belgium, local police and personnel of food security bureau launch make a sudden and violent attack 11 times, find out the 26 people of experience case or company, they are pointed to to involve reach false disobey byelaw of European Union food to wait. In addition, belgium already decided to establish a special working group, answer this crisis technically.

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