First day Han tourist already arrived at Russia accord with to pull Diwosituoke by You Lun 2017

Jan 3, 2022 上海品茶论坛

In new network report will report 31 days according to Russia satellite network on July 31, government of district of Russia seaside border area releases a message to say, marine dream date (Oc

ean Dream) You Lun already embarked first tourist arrived at Japan and Korea 2017 accord with pulls


Say in the message: There are more than 1000 tourists that come from Korea and Japan on You Lun. Marine dream date will pull Diwosituoke to stay in accord with daylong, next local time 23 when leave marine passenger station. During this, foreign tourist plans to visit accord with to pull Diwosituoke's famous places and historical sites.

You Lun will pull Diwosituoke to head for city of Japanese case house from accord with.

Marine dream date, originated in Danish dockyard 1982. Length is 205 meters, width is 29 meters, cruise speed is 21. Can carry 1300 passengers.

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