Iran expresses to will adopt measure to respond to American new punish to show its are illegal

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Luhani of electric Iran president will express Teheran of Xinhua News Agency 26 days on July 27, if the United States undertakes new punish to Iran, iran will adopt measure to give response.

Iran Lu Hani of dispatch company quote was in Faersitong that day if going up, ministerial meeting says, "To protect native interest, iran will adopt any necessary step to answer American punish " .

Lu Hani says: "If the United States just disregards the partial content of Yi nucleus agreement, we will be responded to with same way; If its disregard the entire content of Yi nucleus agreement, we also are met a tooth for a tooth. We also are met a tooth for a tooth..

Before this, spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blocks sago to express in a statement, the United States passes new sanction secon

d reading be " illegal, wrong, blankety-blank " . If the United States implements new sanction to Yi, this will affect the execution of Yi nucleus agreement.

In Ye of Gu Za of Iranian armament deputy chief of staff also expression warns the Unit

ed States toughly not to make the issue that harms Iranian interest, will let the United States pay heavy price otherwise.

Boule of United States Congress is held with 25 days with 419 tickets, 3 tickets object vote the sanction that passed to be aimed at Russia, Iran and Korea the Three Kingdoms as a result is second reading. The basis is second reading, american general wait in order to develop ballistic missile project for, implement sanction to Iran and Korea.

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