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The United States combines airline (United Airlines) is exposed to the sun to give scandal again. According to Hong Kong east the net will report on July 26, an authoress division pulls assist (Julie Schwietert Collazo) expressed in gregarious website recently, she and husband and 3 year of plane that daughter of the youngest son takes beautiful couplet boat when, because the room that has half above is returned on machine,nobody sits, they plan to sit together, unexpectedly by unit staff with altering the seat needs overpay; is prevented for 150 dollars her daughter because this be frighted, although on the side have 2 room, also dare not lie, just hold a knee in the arms to sleep. Excuse of after the event of beautiful couplet boat, express to be willing to compensate for with victim connection.

The report says, kelazun bought airline ticket of basic tourist class, fly to Russia to force ridge city from new York with family last weekend, be sat to be in the 35th by arrangement. They are dealt with board the plane when formalities, the bar staff good intention of beautiful couplet boat changes she and 3 children sit in the 12nd. Discover the plane is condition of half all seats taken only after the machine on them, immediately meets signal of passenger of a well-meaning to want resign sovereign authority, want to let their family person sit together. But before going up, unit staff is prevented, point out those positions need overpay money talent to take.

Unit staff still says, according to the airline ticket that they buy, they can not use rack. Daughter of 7 years old of Kelazun because this be frighted, although 2 seats on the side do not have a person to sit, she also dare not lie, can hold inflectional double genu in

the arms to lower his head to sleep only. Kelazun returns discovery after reaching destination, the infantile barrow that they carry damages, resembling is be bungled to rot forcibly.

According to the report, after the event of American combination airline compensates for 5 pieces of value only the travel of 150 dollars changes ticket, compensate for 200 dollars with respect to barrow attaint, but Kelazun expresses not to want to take beautiful couplet boat again, because this does not need,change ticket. Spokesman of beautiful couplet boat expresses subsequently, had hoped with victim connection further a unit of weight is clear incident, point out be willing to assist them to change new infant

ile barrow.

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