Wrist of group of all previous peak expresses president Georges Kern to leave one's post

Jan 3, 2022 上海后花园论坛

On July 14, group of all previous peak announces the tabulation below the banner, sale and GeorgesKern of digital branch president

offer resignation. The GeorgesKern that served 17 years for group of all previous peak already included next allowing that presiding apparitor is awaited to choose roll in. It is reported, through a person of extraordinary powers elegant the GeorgesKern that enters wrist to express an industry turned 2000 group

of all previous peak, group of peak of all previous of of the same age bought bright division, accumulate the brand such as the home and watch of 10 thousand countries, ever acted important role in the process of brand conformity, obtained 2002 appoint express presiding apparitor for 10 thousand countries, in those days GeorgesKern of 39 years old is the youngest brand CEO on group history.

Last year in November, the group is GeorgesKern advance tabulation, sale and digital branch president, the sale of all canal group and digital strategy and the tabulation department that have wrist of 8 high-quality goods to express a brand, plan to nominate on the year shareholder plenary meeting this year September he takes up the post of trustee.

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