Epidemic situation of flu of Indian armour H1N1 already caused death of about 600 people

Jan 3, 2022 上海贵族宝贝419

Epidemic situation of flu of electric armour H1N1 will be in Xin Deli of Xinhua News Agency this year on July 24 Indian stage a come back. According to " Indian times " 24 days of reports, up to now, indian whole nation reports in all this year case of illness of flu of near twelve thousand five hundred armour H1N1, about 600 people die.

This country epidemic situation is the most serious is Mahalashitela state, in all; of 284 people death is Gujilate next state, 75 people die. Noise made in coughing or vomiting is pulled pull state and Lagusitan state also has 63 people and 59 people death respectively. In addition official data shows, up to on July 9, 241 people affect the diagnose in capital new moral character virus of armour H1N1 flu, among them 4 people die.

According to imprinting official of door of Ministry of Public Health introduces, imprint before the government already established crash crew, toward Mahalashitela state is investigated. Local clinician suspects, virus of armour H1N1 flu may have mutated. This kind of vi

rus travels through the pig at first, travel to the person by the person now.

Virus of armour H1N1 flu begins transmission after winter or monsoon normally. Local doctor is opposite Mahalashitelabang epidemic situation breaks out ahead of schedule this year feel anxious, they hope nati

onal disease controls a center to prove a cause as soon as possible, take lash-up step in time. They express, people did not go a hospital in time treating after sicken is the main reason that dead number rises, if the symptom appears hind can timely seek medical advice takes drug, can save a lot of life.

According to the data that the government publishs, india reported in all 2015 case of illness of flu of about 42 thousand armour H1N1, among them;2016 of death of nearly 3000 people year report in all 1786 case of illness, among them 265 people die.

Armour H1N1 flu is disease of organ of breath of a kind of acute, infectivity, its feature is break out, cough, breath is difficult, calorific etc. Infectivity of virus of this kind of flu is very tall, qiu Dong season belongs to tall hair period, also but annual travels.

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