Han Qing covers with tiles the stage discovers Piao Jinhui of file of much share issue takes bribes case or greet a favourable turn

Login register Han Qing of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to cover with tiles the stage discovers document of much share issue Piao Jinhui bribery case or greet: of origin of a favourable turn? ?2017-07-20 08:3 of huge rock of discharge  contraction9 Http://www.mnw.cn/

According to Korea " Asian economy " report, recently, the working paper that period of government of benefit of many plain Jin weaves covers with tiles in blueness the stage is discovered, in dividing a file, the ministry includes illegal job to indicate content, at present the photocopy of problem file already was handed in just investigate by check.

This month 14 days, piao Zhuxian of spokesman of green made of baked clay station reveals partial issue document to media on routine press conference. (Picture origin: Han couplet company)

Piao Zhuxian of spokesman of green made of baked clay station expresses 14 days on routine press conference, more than 300 file that before civil administration discovered in ark of file of chief secretary room the government weaves and brief note, include to be among them plum in right of administration of successive SamSung group offers advantage, and national annuity is discussed definitely the relevant content such as auth


Green made of baked clay stage expresses 17 days again, in 1361 files of period of the government before chief secretary room discovered government affairs again, include to be made with blacklist of SamSung carry on, literary bound among them, Han Riwei installs Fu problem, world to jump over date, country to decide the relevant content such as schoolbook.

Occupy an Er relevant personage discloses central local procuratorate 17 days, check already just began to analyse at present covered with tiles in blueness a few days ago stage civil administration is presiding the secretary is interior the problem document that is discovered, will define specific investigation limits and investigation target henceforth. After undertaking investigating an analysis to problem file, alone check group and check square will take bribes with Piao Jinhui the evidence related the case refers a court, if be adopted, of the relevant file cognizance to the case and experience case personnel conviction will produce an effect.

Local time on May 25, 2017, korea head Er, piao

Jinhui of the president before Korea is reached by send under escort an Er court of the place central, accept public trial the 2nd times.

Korea " Asian economy " point out, the analysis thinks, the site that the file discovers is civil administration the file ark of chief secretary room, because Ren Min politics is right now presiding after Yu Jin of handle of secretarial the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty or will be investigated by check square subpoena again. Check square before this with Yu Bingyu mechanism of procuratorial work of misuse of authority, derelict, interference is investigated wait for multinomial suspicion, submit to twice to approve to the court catch the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, but all be not worth to wait with evidence by the court for reject.

And the Piao Jinhui that undertakes in the near future takes bribes in careful of case front courtyard, to avoid with SamSung electron vice-chairman plum in confrontation on the court, piao Jinhui did not attend front courtyard careful because of healthy problem. Observation thinks, hui Xiangsan of discovery plain Jin is like in problem file the evidence of bribe of astral electron all alone and be adopted by the court, piao Jinhui and plum in confrontation on the court will inevitable, the cognizance process of whole case and trial result also will be affected.

Current, cui arranges bribery case of case of politics of get right on the job and plain Jin benefit to be among cognizance, but numerous interested parties all gives to the suspicion of oneself deny, the exposure of relevant file is bomb of a heavy pound undoubtedly, the cognizance of bribery case of plain Jin benefit or will greet major a favourable turn.

Most opposition expresses with respect to this matter, the behaviour that shows a government to announce file of green made of baked clay stage is suspected of revealing a secret, attribute illegal action. But also the viewpoint thinks, after check just is undertaking analytic investigating to the file, directive of job of if not law is belonged to solid, the front courtyard careful that can be bribery case of plain Jin benefit provides strong evidence.

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