Operation of department of Mai Kaien eye or defer of the occasional when in comparing forecast, more severe return answers congress

According to the United States " new York Times " will report on July 16, medical treatment expert expresses 14 days, does senator make an appointment with writing? Before circumstance of eye department operation compares skill probably beforehand appraise is more serious, this will make the time defer of its regain Washington reachs two weeks. As a result of Mai Kaien's absent, what American senate defends proposed law to revising the republic party cure after is voting defer, till its return resumptive voting.

According to the report, is rice of chief of party of American senatorial majority strange? Maikangnaier already expressed, will defer right " act of par medical treatment " undertake deciding by ballot, till Mai Kaien is cultural,return. Mai Kaien office makes a statement 15 days say, mai Kaien has this week to will be in only Arizona city culture, but neurosurgery doctor is being accepted when interviewing, express, the time that the accomplishment after the groovy art of this kinds of operation lasts is average chairman at a week.

The statement of Mai Kaien office still expresses, mai Kaien v/arc be on the throne at city of Arizona city phoenix hospital of Mei Ao clinic accepted an o

peration. According to the report, after accepting year convention check-up, the doctor is passed in its brow place small achieve skull art to move besides him upper part of different key point makes an appointment with two feet clot. The surgeon that becomes an operation for Mai Kaien was not accepted interview. Communication chairman of Mai Kaien represents, still cannot provide further information to the public at present.

The doctor that did not participate in Mai Kaien to protect physiotherapy Cheng expresses, art attending a meeting skull opens skull, adopting brow cut is to arrive at the clot near part of the leaf before cerebrum is left or here commonly. Neurosurgery assistant professor Dr. Nrupen Baxi of college of medicine of new York Einstein accepts when interviewing, say: "Generally speaking, the clot of this position will be the problem of a special attention making a person. Restore to need several weeks to last normally after the art of operation opening skull. Restore to need several weeks to last normally after the art of operation opening skull..

Mei Ao clinic makes a statement express, senator restores Mai Kaien at present good, in the home psychosis is pretty good also, the pathology report of clo

t section will be returned in the future at number.

But the report points out, at present still a lot of problems did not get the result, whether to make a doctor undertake checking to its clot because of certain and explicit symptom of Mai Kaien for instance. This year June, is Mai Kaien right Zhanmusi of director of the FBI before the United States? The problem of the head that do not have li of division rice draws the masses of the mental state to Mai Kaien anxious. Mai Kaien expresses subsequently, because he stays up late the evening before last,just watch baseball then the match, just make mental state not beautiful. (The exercitation compiles: Zhao Mengyao goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

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