Of American president Telangpu child lawyer of secret meeting Russia after all who is client?

Jan 3, 2022 上海龙凤自荐

Of American president Tangnadetelangpu child small Telangpumihui the thing of Russia government lawyer ferments ceaselessly. The word of personage of information of 15 days of quote reports American media, participate in that day the at least 8 people of the conference, besides Russia dimension of Ya of Li of tower of female lawyer accept fills in the offer in a persuasive talker that Linicikaya and team of Ceng Zaisu allied forces are engaged in turning over information obtained through espionage to work is special Ai Ha, still conference bagman and Russia just entrust the representing of personnel.

The United States " new York Times " most explode first makings, on June 9, 2016, of Telangpu child small Telangpu, son-in-law Gulidekushenna and Telangpu enter into an election contest director Paul holds the post of when the group Ma Nafu. This is apart from Telangpu to be acquiesced to be presidential candidate within the p

arty in republican only between 3 climate, also be considered as Telangpu the earliest between group core personnel and Russian private meet.

Network of news of American cable television (the report of personage of information of CNN)15 day quote, attend that day of the conference have 8 people at least, it is small Telangpu, Kushenna, Mana respectively Ford, Weisailinicikaya, Aihamaideshen, .

As to this Russia the identity of familial delegate, afore-mentioned message personages did not disclose.

According to the postal matter that small Telangpu publicizes, he chooses to go to can be to obtain black data of Hillary. At that time, the Ge Desi that pursues public relations trade connects small Telangpu to send electric mail to say, the likelihood in hand of lawyer of government of a Russia has Telangpu to enter into an election contest the black data that adversary Hillary digests Lin Du, this is high level, sensitive information apparently, see Russia and its government be opposite from which the support of Mr Telangpu. Small Telangpu replies: If be really such, I like very much.

Nevertheless, when joining the Aihamaideshen that meet a person to accept American media to interview, say, small Telangpu was like wish. That meeting does not have substantial content, small Telangpu enquires whether Weisailinicikaya has committee of whole nation of American the Democratic Party to obtain the information of illegal politics capital, answer of the other side does not have this kind of information, small Telangpu lost the interest that continues to chat, too impatient to wait thinks.

Additional, aihamaideshen says, although he ever was engaged in turning over information obtained through espionage to work in Russia army, but never replace Russia government or Russia orgnaization devote one's life to, also not be Russian information personnel.

The data that American media obtains shows, aihamaideshen is one is registered be in book a persuasive talker, for Russia female lawyer Weisailinicikaya is in constituent go canvassing, latter target includes to let the United States cancel punish of equestrian case Ni Ciji.

Mageniciji is Russia a lawyer, suffer accusation of dodge a tax to was arrested by Russian police 2008, during detaining 2009, die at the detention house. Aobama of the president before the United

States signed the Mageniciji that binds with Russian authority issue 2012 act, punish 44 Russians that Ci Jizhi dies and encroach human rights to concern with Ma Geni. Regard pair of Mageniciji as act make step instead, russia abolished Russian-American the American citizen that signed in July 2011 is foster Russia orphan agreement, still prohibit carrying out crime to Russia citizen, participate in strip illegally Russian citizen freedom or the American citizen that had had unfair trial to Russian citizen enter a country. (Chen Lixi Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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