American langouste catching season is slow begin the price and in recent years the corresponding period keeps balance

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Login register langouste of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to catch is Ji Huan slow begin the price and in recent years does the corresponding period keep balance origin: ? ?2017-07-14 15:3 of huge rock of discharge  contraction7 Http://

In new network report will report 13 days according to American Chinese net on July 14, area of American new england begins to enter langouste catching season slowly, but before the bade when consumer is buying langouste this year wants to compare one year a little a bit lower.

Data chart: The langouste with American maritime Maine catchs boat

According to the report, fisherman and dealer show, catching season still does not have the langouste with new england annual area to come formally. Langouste catching volume rises in burning hot month normally, because a lot of langouste are in,summertime exuviate grows to accord with the dimension that catchs legally.

So far, local langouste is supplied under the corresponding period of the last few years, did not cause however rise in price. According to the report, the trade price at the beginning of July is the incrustation langouste of 1.25 pounds every pound 7.63 dollars. The price of the corresponding period exceeded 8 dollars a little last year.


itioner of catching course of study of American Maine langouste says, they predict to be able to have this year " healthy " catching season, but start to want to be later than it seems that in last few years.

The report say

s, the American langouste course of study that gives priority to with Maine maritime space the last few years is very prosperous. Langouste catching quantity exceeded Maine first last year 130 million pound, and exceed 100 million pound 6 years continuously, and past catching quantity reachs 80 million pound rarely.

In the meantime, the value of langouste is very high also, consumer and jobber are willing in recent years floriferous money buys langouste. The price this year is new england businessman every pound 8 to 13 dollars, the build size that basically sees langouste and it is incrustation or soft carapace. Incrustation langouste is compared commonly expensive. Afore-mentioned prices are the same as in recent years the price keeps balance basically.

Be in new england area, city of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai is American whole nation catching ground of the 2nd big langouste, new York and Xin Zexi also have langouste catching job. In addition, langouste also is a substantial in Canadian fishery.

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